Look for me in your spam box

There is something weird that WordPress does to me and my comments, and I don’t quite get it. Maybe it’s because I try to be anonymous, maybe it’s because WordPress can’t trust me because I’m wearing a mask. Or, quite possibly, it thinks I am a blogger robot with a schnazy mask on and trying to cause havoc to people’s blogs by leaving comments.

I’m not quite sure, I love you WordPress, but we have a problem. I am totally not spam. I’ve never even eaten spam!

I’m not doing the spamming, I do not say visit my sex website here, even though I get those all the time. I tend to be quite wordy so the likelihood of me leaving a two-word comment is like 0%. But, again and again, the bloggers I comment on tell me they found my comments in their spam box and they aren’t sure how I got there. I even tried to remedy this by adding a little bio to my profile page but this doesn’t seem to work either. So. if I keep on getting put in spam I will keep on commenting and hoping I get found by my fellow bloggers.

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  1. twistedlola

     /  August 25, 2012

    It does filter the crappy spam, and I try to remember to check my spam section every few days for non-spam.

    What I really liked most about this post was the picture!!!!! A big, fat LOL for me. Thanks!!

  2. Yeah, I don’t know why it put you in the spam box. The comments were totally related to my posts and clearly not spam. It did remind me that I need to check that more often.


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