You win me over with Good Deals

There is something that it is totally my Achilles’s heel, even though I am not a buyer and about the cheapest person out there. And, I’ve discovered the ease and wonder of online shopping on top of this weakness of mine. I just can’t help but to get entrapped in really great shopping deals and discounts and it seems to get me every time. See, being a salesperson myself (which is funny, because I thought I’d never deal with selling retail in my life but now I do it for being in massage) it’s hard for them to talk me into stuff. I see their ways of getting me to buy more since I may use it myself (Buy one, get one free, 1/2 off, etc.) and I can be a hard customer.

It’s not that I’m mean, I understand their job, I’m just the type of person to respond to the question of, “What are you looking for?” With the response of, “I’m just looking.” If I do buy, I never buy big. The only time I’ve ever bought big, talking about hundreds of dollars in one time, is with my product backorder I do through my work every few months.

But, having a discount on something does get me to drool. And, if it’s around 75% off I am probably stalking those items several times and staring greedily at that big discount sticker on it.

See, one of my Spa girls at work got me some tea from this fancy tea place. I normally don’t drink tea but have discovered it through this natural grocery store I frequent so I’ve been drinking tea occasionally. Well, her tea was so fancy schamcy that I had to find a way to brew it in a strainer since its loose leaf, and recently went to where she got the tea for a strainer and have been having it every day. This high-end tea store has a sale online and since the store is always so crowded I jumped on the deals and ordered myself more tea, another tea strainer, special Hawaiian honey, and a few other things.

I put what I spent last night on my January bill tab I keep track of in my online notepad because I felt kind of guilty for getting it. And I say this as I sip my high-end Christmas tea gift in the Starbucks mug the fiancée got me. I also got an in-store Christmas gift set Buy 1, get 1 free of these bath products I just love, even though he got me a whole hatbox full of bath/soap/etc. products for Christmas!

Sometimes, I gotta admit it … I really am a product whore.