So close to home

In a few days I will be back with family for around 2 weeks and be hanging out with them and going to Vegas with my mom. It’s amazing being in the place I’m at now, and having to visit my family feels just so surreal. And, when I get back to where I’m from everything seems like it’s under a magnifying glass and intensified, the weather, the sights, sounds, and even the wildlife at night. Like I mentioned on my last trip back to visit the air felt crisper, I was aware of that constant breeze and how much cooler everything seemed to feel.

Living away from my family is both hard and a blessing. I’m hoping maybe, just maybe, they might appreciate me a tad more with the distance, and I know I appreciate my time with them more. We fight less, and I’d like to think I don’t take my time with them, or if I’m lucky enough to get time with my friends, for granted. I have Christmas/Birthday gifts ready for my brother and I will leave them at my mom’s house because we may not be down there for Christmas… or my brother’s birthday.

I think that this place is starting to feel more like home, but I still feel like I’m in adjustment zone. I think when I get my job it will kind of tie the pieces together and if I get a job I love to work at with my co-workers and clients that will just definitely make me so ecstatic.

We have more artwork up, I have tried to organize things a bit and I think that I have become what I said I’d never be: a housewife. I am cleaning and doing dishes all the time and keeping up with our apartment. I even have food heating up on the stove though it’s pre-made and could be cooked in a microwave. I don’t make things from scratch and I’ve attempted my hand at cooking myself boneless skinless chicken for dinner. And, lately I have been burning it and it hasn’t even been edible for me. I end up taking a couple of bites and throwing it out it’s that bad. I’ve tried to change-up what I’m doing wrong, yet I’m still re-murdering the chicken breast.

I moved around quite a bit as a teenager so for a few years home wasn’t a place. Home was actually wherever my family and I ended up, and we made it work, and that was our home when we were jumping from apartment to apartment. Now, I know home is my husband and we are trying to make little finishing touches to make a strange new place feel even more welcoming.

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  1. I’m not genuine cook myself, but I did discover a few things I actually enjoy making from scratch like stir-fried tofu and veggies and apple pie. I took a class to learn to make the dough from scratch. After six years of practice, I’m a pro! LOL I just took a class on how to back cupcakes last weekend. It was so much fun. I say find that one thing that you can have fun cooking…even if it doesn’t turn out quite the way you expect. It’s the step-by-step process that matters, not necessarily the end result all the time. Okay, well, that’s my personal philosophy when it comes to cooking because I’ve burnt my fair share of dishes too.


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