Why doesn’t this feel like home?

I have been visiting with my family for a while now and already this trip feels different from my last time I visited. It’s harder to meet up with my friends, everyone seems to be busy, and I just have this strange sense I can’t shake. While I love being with my family, especially with my brother who always seems to crack me up, it’s even hard seeing him his trip.

And that strange feeling I have? I think I know what it is… This suddenly doesn’t feel like home.

My old bedroom feels vacant and empty, the bed sure is a lot more creaky and seems to be much shorter for my tall body. Vegas was amazing and me and my mom had a great time there, which I will share some pictures from, but once getting back here it just feels somewhat empty without my husband.

I miss making us dinner, or even making myself lunch. I miss the horses, crazy dogs, and meowing peacock I was visiting with my husbands coworker I’d see on the weekend. Everything feels kind of backwards, where me and my mom go hunting for lunch at a fast food place instead of me making it or making dinner for me and my husband.

I will update more when I have a better functioning keyboard but for now I’m enjoying my visit though wishing I could visit more with my friends who matter to me.

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  1. It is a wonder what time can do.
    You are now creating a home for yourself where you live now.

    • Yeah, isn’t that strange? I still be the city when we visit it and find the weather a lot more pleasant here, but it feels definitely strange and it’s not as easy to get into. I guess I’m making our new place a home and I feel my husband not being here a lot more with this trip too.

  2. The family home still feels like home to me. Even though Mom redid my bedroom. It is now a moose themed spare room. But once I get off the mountian, it no longer does. The town is totally different. The population is 6 times the size as when I graduated from high school. In the past 20 something years, it exploded from a small town of 5,000 people to a small city nearing 30,000 people. The next twon over also exploded. Nothing feels the same and I certainly feel like a fish out of water in my own home-town.

    • I know what you mean by going back to the hometown and how it doesn’t even look the same! I don’t even know the street my family lived on when we go back to our old home when I was just 7 yeas old. It is amazing how much a place will change within a small amount of time!


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