All or Nothing

Just recently I was telling a manager about my retail accomplishments and how exciting it was to sell to every single one of my clients. I’ve gone from hating retail to having it be my own little challenge that I relish in and keep on trying to push myself further with it. I wouldn’t be able to recommend stuff to my clients if I didn’t own, use, and believe in the products that I am using own them.

This manager laughed and then told me something that was interesting, “It’s all or nothing with you, Sarah.”

 I always knew this might be true about me, but didn’t think much of it besides that. It’s almost like having an addictive personality, which my fiancée readily admits to so he’s careful around certain things, such as drinking. When I’m extremely passionate about something I definitely research it, practice, and try to better myself at it or at the knowledge I have of it. I remember the exact year I absolutely went all or nothing with my career. Funny enough, it was after my first raise and after that I made my crazy attempts at retail and tried to push myself even more at what I do.

I basically jump into the deep end, head first, with something I’m really passionate about it. I don’t quite dip my toes in, wade into the shallow end and then kind of get myself over to the deep end. Nah, I like to throw myself completely into it as deep as I can go.

The man can be like that with his job and he’s all in with his job position where he is moved down and has people underneath him. He’s a real manager because he is dealing with directing, doing raises, and taking care of people who are a part of his ‘team.’ The fiancée is really excited about it which is nice to see because he had been so miserable for at least a year with his job up here.

I want him to be excited, motivated, and enjoy what he does again. I really want my fiancée to give his all to what he does like I try to do each and every day that I work. It just feels more like fun than working if you are putting all of your cards on the table, and you are going all in with your career. You don’t want to give yourself too much where you’re exhausted, but just enough to get excited about all your accomplishing through your hard work.