So excited to destroy it

There is something that I am so excited to destroy and turn into something I can wear every day and put it to good use. It’s this pendant I was given when I was younger and when I never wore jewelry. It basically is the personification of how little they know about me to give me it. It’s like when I was a girl and I was given this special Barbie doll and I hated Barbie with a passion and couldn’t understand it. I basically took off their clothes and then tossed them to the side. I know, I was a strange kid, I’m still a very odd person to this day but I saw no use for them.

I couldn’t make-believe with them. They weren’t me, they had make-up, and perfect hair, and perfect bodies, and nothing that even in the least made sense to me or spoke to me. I loved plastic horses, and could spend hours pretending they were in a racetrack and taking each horse one by one and inching them up for hours. In my head it was this amazing race like what I read in books, they were neck to neck, and suddenly my special one in the back comes up to the front of the pack and takes it by a nose!

It didn’t matter to me that the breed of horse I wanted to win would never win a race against the other Thoroughbreds and faster horses. Somehow the gaited horse always won, and when I finally received real jumps to jump my horses with I was over the moon with the gift. I tried to make my own horse blankets with no success and loved any kind of accessories I could get my hands on. I was an unusual child who loved to get dirty, would play with rocks for hours, always had her hair up in a ponytail, and I loved insects so much that I would put them in a bug case and stare at them at night studying their behaviors.

The piece of jewelry was like that girly doll I was given years ago and I would never wear it. So, when I went into the jeweler’s place today with the fiancée and I had it in my hand I couldn’t be more excited for them to destroy it. I’ve had in my mind for a while to remake it into something I loved. And, luckily, they were more than happy to accommodate me. The diamonds will be taken out and put into my wedding band so I can wear it every day and use it in a better way. I even got to kill two birds with one stone by finding a ring the fiancée likes and getting him a wedding band. As I’ve said before, he’s pretty funny and wants a ring with some ‘bling.’ He wants something unique and non-traditional, I just hope they will be able to get that ring for him because they said there were ordering problems when they tried to order it.

I can’t wait to get married to my hubby-to-be. I’m just anxious about what he wants me to inscribe inside of his ring. He wants it to be special and be a secret until we get our rings on our wedding date. He’s already knows what he wants to inscribe on my wedding band (of course) and I can’t think of what it should say. I feel like a lot of pressure is on me to put the right thing inside of it so when he looks inside of his ring it can always make him smile.

And … I just don’t know what that thing is. I can write well but I don’t know what I can say with the small amount a ring gives you inside of it. I want it to be special and for it to be ‘us’, but my mind is blank and I want to much for it to be just perfect.


Give me the pretties!

This is my form of a pretty

The man kind of has a fascination with ‘pretty’ things. He says that’s why he picked me, because I’m a pretty myself. I don’t exactly believe him, especially after a rough work week and I look like walking death, but he’s very sweet.

He likes strange-looking trees, and things that sparkle and glitter. It always kind of gets me to laugh when we will be walking by and say there is some stained glass and he will just stop and stare at it. And… then take pictures. I can’t judge him because if a butterfly flies in front of my face, and stops at a nearby flower, I am so on top of that and taking pictures with my little camera phone. He’ll eventually sit himself on a bench because I won’t leave until it flies away.

Or, well, if he drags me away…

So, I told him to get started on looking at wedding bands so I have an idea what he wants and more importantly, how much it costs. So, his tendency for going after ‘pretties’ doesn’t stop with me, he’s looking at all sorts of bands with stones inside of it. He’s shown me a few of them and they are definitely unique, and he’s leaning more towards opal I think. Which, opal is one of my favorite stones since I was just a kid. I love the fire within the stone that changes with the sunlight.

He’s kind of funny though, he’s the opposite of me so he shares everything going on with his life with everyone. So, he says that some of the guys are teasing him at work about choosing the stones and all that. They are telling him that they think it’s a little too ‘girly.’ Which, I’m trusting him to see that line, but still get something that he really likes.

I’m going to mangle this $3,500 or so pendant that I got years ago and remove the diamonds from it to make my wedding band. The diamond chips in it are pretty good sized so I’ll have the diamonds go around in the circle for the band. Well, that’s going to be my idea. I never wear the pendant because it really isn’t my style, so I thought I’d make good use of it turning it into my wedding band so I can wear it all the time. We haven’t gone to any jewelers yet to see what they say, but I’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult. And, it’d be a lot cheaper for him to do so we have more money to save for the honeymoon.

I’ve never had to deal with thinking about rings, what I want, what to do, I generally don’t wear them. With my career it’s just inconvenient, and I end up leaving my engagement ring at home every day that I work. The man is so funny with his research for the perfect ring and within the ‘budget’ I set for it. Which is less than $400, which I’m thinking is still reasonable.

I get people to laugh at work when they ask when my wedding is. Seriously, I’m just starting to say instead of “eventually” that they should re-ask me in about December or January. I won’t know the dates until 3 months out, it’s the way of the beast with choosing the venue I want. It’s gonna be last second (at least in my terms it is) and I’ll sign in blood to get my time off.