My hair called a truce

There’s been this problem with my hair that has bothered me for several months. My mother felt my hair during this time and gasped, looked at me funny, and exclaimed, “Sarah, your hair is like the best part about you!”

Wow, mom, didn’t know that the best thing about me is a great head of uncolored, virgin, straight hair. My hair can annoy me because it basically battles against me, and wins, when I try to style it. You flip it out and it flips in, you flip it in and it flips out. The most stubborn part of me must be my head which is the site of the growth of my hair so it just likes to say screw you to me if I do anything more than just letting it air dry.

It seems to me that it has finally relented. My hair has called a truce, I think. Or, it’s just trying to get reinforcements to battle me for what is going to be an all out war. It could be fooling me, though I hope not.

I have been using high end shampoo and conditioner from my work that I got from our back order. It is good stuff, high-end, and smells very nice without making the man sick by sniffing my hair. This is a win+win!  But, ever since I have been rinsing, washing, conditioning, and all that my hair turned into a gooey mess. It’s like a film is being left over, plus, when it gets to be its worst it feels like I washed my hair with marshmallow fluff.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love marshmallow. I love marshmallow fluff, but I do not love it if it feels like my hair has been soaking in it. I switched out the high-end stuff for Head and Shoulders, went to Suave, tried to do everything. I talked to the hair dressers and their lips curled up in disgust as I told them about my lower end alternatives of Head and Shoulders/Suave. I was ready to literally throw in the towel and maybe just shave my hair right off like a crazed Britney Spears. But, I talked to another gal and she told me to use more shampoo then just a little bit and it should wash out better.

This is what I have been doing, and it seems like it may be working. I really do want to keep on using the high-end stuff if he’s not allergic to it, because it just feels very “la de da” using it and I love that feeling. I know, I know, I’m such a product whore, I can’t help it!