You are the uninvited leper

Some things that gets my goat can be as simple as a wedding where everyone is invited… except for you. And this has happened to me on many, many an occasion. Major plus of this is I don’t have to waste any money on a gift or present, so good riddance. Minus is that if it’s a work wedding (which there are women getting married/having babies here like clockwork) then I get to hear about it over and over again like for 2 weeks. Which, admittedly, is quite annoying after the 10th time of hearing it. If you like the person anyways it’s not too bad, but I’ve been to only two weddings in my entire life.

Whoa, Sarah, why wonder you aren’t all gung ho about this planning a wedding thing, right?

I think that either everyone should be invited to it (which busts my budget) or no one should be invited to it if I’m not inviting anyone else besides a couple of people. I don’t want to pick and chose and exclude. So, it comes down to immediate family and that’s it. I would think that would make it less of a headache in the long run, but with the man’s job and the venue I’ve picked I couldn’t plan anything even if I really wanted to. It’s all about a waiting game.