Don’t you wish your vacation was hot like me?

I remember the last trip than man and I last went on. It was in Washington, D.C. for a bit, Virgina, and the weather was so hot it was unbearable. All we did was sweat all day long, walk and walk, and even at night the humidity still stuck around so it still was as hot as hell out there.

Sedona, Arizona, is generally pretty pleasant and cool. But, I’ve been checking out the weather and the whole week that we’re there it’s supposed to be in the 90s or so. We’re leaving this Sunday, which has me feeling that whole jittery, excitable, and really, this is happening? feelings going on. I started up a check list so I won’t forget to bring something with, but it’s a vacation… forgetting something is part of the plan! I always leave at least one thing I need behind, but hopefully this time I won’t need whatever I forget, if I do forget it, too much.

At work I’ve been feeling the burnout, and the general people just taking advantage of me and all that so I need a break. Sometimes you just need to get away from what you do to maybe come back with fresher eyes and a renewed strength to tackle it.

My mom is already trying to get me to commit to going to another trip during December, around Christmas time. I put the time in for being requested off with my work but it takes them months to give me the time off… which is mainly them just never coming across the piece of paper and blocking my time off for when I asked the time off. I’ll keep on annoying them until they do it though.

Here’s the plan for what we’re doing on the trip:

  • Red Rock Jeep Tour
  • Ghost Tour, maybe?
  • Train ride
  • Relaxing, relaxing… oh, yeah, relaxing!

Honeymoons and Honey Moments

Sedona, Arizona

I’m going to be having a trip coming up in September where the man and I are going to Sedona, Arizona. I absolutely love Sedona because it’s just so beautiful with the red rocks. The way the light plays against the rocks, turning them a deeper, or lighter color, especially with even just the clouds passing by is just gorgeous. And, an experience to remember, just standing there, in silence, watching the landscape around you just become like a canvas and the sun being the paintbrush.

He has been to Arizona, but never Sedona before, so I’m excited to share it with him. Especially since it was one of my favorite places to visit because of the amazing views. Another favorite of mine was Puerto Rico, seeing the ocean for one of the first times in my life and this endless stretch of baby blue water and the white sands of Flamingo Beach. I became obsessed with collecting seashells, and couldn’t get enough of it. My family would be abandoned in the ocean for hours because they couldn’t keep up with me as I free dived to the bottom of where we were snorkeling so I could grab more seashells. I’m notorious for not staying with the group and my brother was thrown out into the ocean by my mom to find me and she told him not to come back to the boat unless if he had me with him.

My brother found me, but only eventually. I had my flippers on, and I’m a strong swimmer, but even stronger when I’m wearing those. There was this one time I went to free dive, and came back up for air, and unfortunately bumped into this older guy from the group by accident. He thought I was a shark and was scared out of his mind, I quickly apologized and went back to free diving.

My family only knew where I was in the ocean because my flippers would come together before I dived and it’d be a sign. Then, I’d disappear for several moments until I popped back up, gulped some air, and did it all over again. I’m not a surface swimmer, never have been, I love swimming on the bottom and have been doing that since they put me in water with pools. The ocean is like the biggest pool ever and with lots of fish to chase, I once chased after a pipe fish which looks like a straight seahorse but he got away from me. Even when the bottom was like 30 feet down I’d still try to free dive to reach it.

The man and I haven’t had too many vacations together. We’ve had Boston, where I had my lower back strain and I was miserable. Besides being in so much pain the entire trip I really enjoyed Boston and would go back there again for longer than a day trip. We had the Virginia trip, where we went to one of his relative’s weddings and decided to make a whole trip of checking out the area. And, well, that’s about it. My family has always been about traveling since I was a little girl, but with my job, and my career, I can’t do it so easily. We have to ask for the time off at least 3 months in advance, though generally I give them a 6 month heads-up.

Plus, I don’t get paid vacation. So, whatever days I take off… I eat the money I would normally make + tips so I see my paycheck when I get back and want to cry.

I’m excited by the thought of a honeymoon and what we can do. I’m not-so-excited about the money I’ll lose, the money I’ll be spending, and all that, but a honeymoon is a necessity. We are going to be doing it, it’s just a matter of what we’re going to be doing. A cruise? A trip… someplace? I’m planning to take at least a week or so off of work, and he’s been telling me the last few days we should finalize the plans. Our actual wedding we can’t get a date until December, because what with what we’re doing we can only get dates so far in advance. It’s a little frustrating, but I know I wanna shoot for hopefully sometime in April.

I’m just itching for a vacation. And itching even more at the idea of a honeymoon. I’m thinking a cruise, but I’m also wondering how they work too. Do you get cabin fever? Do you get sea sick for that matter? Will I want to jump in the ocean and go swimming even before they let me do it? It’s just that I’m a so not a planner, my mother and brother are though, so going to plan stuff stresses me out. The man doesn’t like to plan too much either, so we are quite a pair!

Friday the 13th: Friday from Hell

This Friday was about one of the worst Fridays… ever. Now, Saturday it’s common knowledge it is going to be freaking nuts, but Friday was quite a piece of work.

One of the girl’s was doing a facial when the facial machine exploded, flooding water and glass all over the floor. She, of course, doesn’t know quite what to say and then is like, “Um, well, excuse me but I need to get another machine…” she finishes the facial with her feet in water and has to clean up afterwards. It was a mess.

One of my other co-workers, who is a friend of mine, was going to the laundry mat since our washer is broken and knelt down to grab some towels to put in the machine and her nose starts gushing blood. Poor thing freaks out, like I probably would, because she doesn’t get nose bleeds and is in a strange place where no one speaks English and she doesn’t know where anything is. She told me when she was telling me this story the first person she thought of to call to come get her was me. Luckily, it stopped and she was okay.

I started out my day with 1 massage ending up with 4 massages and 3 chair massages = 6 hours  of massaging. My first guy I had was in so much pain I could tell he was hurting before I met him. He wanted a good amount of pressure + stretching so this put more of a strain on my wrists then I wanted. The worst strain was doing a stoke I knew wasn’t working for my hands but I did it anyways so I was feeling sore after that. Another client walks in for a massage, my lunch got moved down to like 4pm, and the chair massages kicked my ass too. I just can’t use my body weight as much as I want during a chair massage.

I’m exhausted, everyone and anyone is pissy that day, my last massage decided to extend it and get a 90 min. massage. I come home, the man asks me how my day went, and I growl at him while I slink away to lay on the bed and go into a mini-coma.

Today was better, and I got mini cupcakes dropped off by the man at my work and that was such a cute little surprise and I was so happy. We’ve been watching Cupcake Wars and I always say how much I want a cupcake afterwards, and he tells me to get one, and I ask him doesn’t he know how cheap I am? So, that made my day, as well as me coming home to him and he had dinner all set up. It was candlelit and he had pork chops and potatoes, and ice wine to finish it off. The weekend is over, I got tomorrow off and I couldn’t be happier to have a day off.

Strained Lower Back

I never thought that my lower back would go out and force me to take time off of work… I thought my arms, my hands, or definitely my upper back and shoulders, but my lower back was the last on my list. I’ve never had lower back issues… okay, correction, I did once before because of a tail bone injury from falling off of my horse and landing on my butt purposely. Why the butt? Because, it was just so damn cushy and wouldn’t cause a broken arm, leg, ect. But, the tail bone injury was nothing compared to this.

A lower back strain, it happened Saturday night after work. Intensified especially when I went on my trip to Boston Tues through Thurs, and I ended up coming back early Thursday because of the pain. I couldn’t brush my teeth, or reach for my toothbrush without throwing out my back. I couldn’t sleep because every time I woke up it was near impossible to get out or in bed. I’m here today, in bed, not working either Friday or today because I need this to heal. I was put on an anti-inflammatory drug and Viccadin, and told to do some exercises which I’ve been trying to do.

I’m incredibly tired, to the point I just want to sleep and lay in bed all day long. The pain isn’t near as much as Sat.-Thurs. when it was its worst, and I can bend better, and move out of the bed better too, but it’s still not 100%. I’ve never had an injury like this that has made me scared that I can’t continue with this job profession. How am I supposed to massage when I feel like it’s near impossible to stay awake or walk for too long? I love what I do, and I love it with a passion, and I enjoy where I work and love even more the people I work with… I don’t want to be like the massage therapist I saw who used to work at the spa and is now working at a dollar store. Umm… no thanks.

I’ve never had such pain before in my life, so constant, and so unmanageable. I just wanted to cry all the time, especially when I just woke up. There was nothing I could do to stop or ease the pain, on the Boston trip I had fun but I dreaded every morning that I woke up because it got so much worse. I want this to be over with, and I want to be back to my normal self doing what I love to do.