Bring it on gobble gobble

I must be insane, or just plain crazy, or maybe a nice mixture of a little bit of both. I have both a turkey and a ham and I’m planning to cook them for thanksgiving for the first time in my life. Now, let’s not forget I have been adventurous in my house wife chef title and also rather surprisingly successful at cooking lately. I’ve made Cornish game hens, pork for the first time, steak, homemade baked French frites, and a wide number of unassisted dishes that have turned out rather delicious 99.9% of the time.

I’m getting cocky with all of my successes by myself, and having dinner ready on time for my husband when he comes in the door. We already have some favorite recipes I’m replicating week by week with tweaks that make it come out just as good or better. Yet, I just can’t help but to admit…

I am kind of scared of that turkey, and throw in that ham and I think I might be just asking for a holiday meltdown. I’m terrified to see if the turkey has defrosted and I have a sneaking suspicion it is stubbornly not going to defrost in time. Unlike my normal cooking expeditions where I don’t need any help I have made my husband promise to not leave me alone with cooking these two monster amounts of meat. He then kiddingly plays with me that he’ll help me… By pointing to the page on how to do it, which is not okay by me at all.

And, this is coming from the girl who successfully baked some homemade brownies for the first time in her life recently for my husband to bring in for his coworkers. This turkey has me terrified and why, oh why, did we have to get a ham too? Oh, wait, I know why! Because the ham was free with buying a turkey and why not double up stress and gobble it up too?

My husband and I are making new traditions, it’s the first time we are doing the holidays by ourselves. Normally my family goes to a restaurant thanksgiving day buffet and last year we did that and I got so severely sick I don’t know how I made it in to work. For someone who never really had a home cooked thanksgiving or Christmas meal I feel like my husband and I are making a really nice tradition even if the only family we have is us and our little bunny.

It’s the tradition of hopefully learning together to make a really great and somewhat traditional holiday meal. It’s hopefully a tradition of not going to the movie theater to have dinner on popcorn because that’s the only place that is open on thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s a day with some stress, but with the focus on being together and not creating more stress when there’s no reason to.

I miss my family, and will miss my husband’s family too over the holidays. Gifts will be sent by mail and I can’t think of a more stressful year than what me and my husband have been through with our move, his job change, and my job loss. But, I am thankful to have him, and our new little pet bunny, be my family for the holidays. And, I must say, he better be helping me with these giant pieces of meat because the thought of not cooking them completely might give me nightmares tonight!

False Alarm and More Alarms

So, my mom got the results back on the biopsy and it turned out that the thing next to her nose was actually nothing. Which, thank goodness that was what it turned out to be because I was all prepared to go into nurse-aid mode and to take time off from work and just generally freak out. So, I’m glad that she’s okay and it turned out that my mom is fine.

Now, instead I got my eye exam yesterday and the doctor who did the exam flashed a light in both of my eyes for a long time. This normally would be quick, but he kept on scanning that intense light from one side to the other and this went on for five minutes or more.

By the end it felt like I had several flash photographs done right in my eyeball. I kept blinking to try to make the light dissipate but it didn’t work that well. He then asked me if I had glaucoma in my family which I do, my mom’s father had it. He said that the air pressure test (where they attack you with puffs of air right in your eyeball… it’s a form of torture!) was too high so I’m going to be seeing a specialist to see what they say. Oh, and my optic nerve is too large, and irregular, so they need to check that out too.

I scheduled an appointment as soon as I can to make sure that I bite this in the butt as well.

Of course, with this being Thanksgiving you have to say what you’re Thankful for. It’s just what you do on a day like today, you have to remember what it is in life that you appreciate. I’m thankful for my mom’s health and that the scare of cancer is gone and that’s a lot to be thankful for. I give thanks to many things I have, even if they may be taken away from me for moving to another place. I’m also thankful for my job that I have, my car that I recently did an oil changed and rotated the tires, my work I do is something I love, my family, my co-workers who make coming to work and massaging even more fun, and most of all, the man.

My fiancée who keeps me sane, puts up with me when I’m feeling crazy, stressed, or just tired, he’s there for me. He always tells me how beautiful I am even if I don’t feel it. I’m thankful for finding love even though I wasn’t looking for it, and I fought it in the beginning, I’m glad I gave in because I knew I loved him from the moment I saw him.