What is it about this place?

There is quite a lot of elements that need to fall into place when you move to someplace new. This is even more true when that place you’ve moved to is completely different from what you’re used to and miles away from what you call home. I definitely think it is much easier to get into the swing of things when you have a job, a daily routine, to throw yourself into.

It works even better if this job is ready for you when you move and you can trick your mind into memorizing this new job in a new place. But, when you’re like me and finding it difficult to find jobs that aren’t listed as ‘No experience necessary body rub girls wanted’ or that straight out say you should be attractive that you are left to your own devices to get used to stuff.

Where I used to live was rather pretty and had a really awesome city you could visit. Visiting the major city here is nice but, of course, doesn’t compare. What I do find quite stunning is what happens near nighttime here.

Around dusk you are treated to the most breathtaking sunsets you’ve ever seen. I’ve seen Sunsets in the Florida keys, and all around the world, but every sunset I seem to catch has the most amazing colors and it is just beautiful. I feel so grateful to catch them and even recently made my husband pull off into a gas station so I could get some pictures of a gorgeous sunset.

A little of this, a little of that

Sorry about the being M.I.A., getting back together after a trip has never been my strong suite with it. This one picture to the left is from an Indian ruins that he wanted to go to after our Verde Train ride through the canyons which was 3 hours, and surprisingly, romantic. When I’ve taken train rides it’s been in a rush to get someplace, I nearly fall over if I don’t hold onto something, and everyone just wants to be someplace else when they are on the train. Kind of like when you fly an airplane, so being on a scenic train where the purpose is to be there is a different feel, but a nice one.

We sat out on the open deck and just took pictures. It was kind of drizzling outside, not pouring, when we were out on the train deck so I found that pretty romantic. The train ride was pretty awesome and a definite highlight of the trip.

He and I originally were supposed to stay at this lady’s apartment which my mother pushed us to do. Was one of her worst ideas ever because we were connected to her house, she never left the house, and the whole place had horrible sound proofing so we could hear her downstairs in her office (which we had to go through to get outside) and so whenever he and I talked we whispered. The man and I ended up getting a hotel nearby because that was certainly not what we were expecting and there was more than just that which was wrong with the place.

With our move to a different place, a hotel, we got the best views of Sedona. Absolutely gorgeous, and it had its own little sunset patio for just the guests who were there.

We also did a Red Rock Jeep Tour, which was so much fun, with an old ‘cowboy’ as our guide for the 3 hour tour. Plus, our companions were a bunch of rowdy Irishmen (and 1 woman, who had the men under her command) who were too funny! They only paid for the first tour so we ended up with the second part of it all alone, which was pretty nice. Though, I must admit, I missed the Irishmen (and 1 woman) because they were cracking me up.

The trip was really a great experience because the food + service in Sedona was fantastic. Plus, I couldn’t get over the views because they were just so gorgeous it was like we were constantly driving through a canvas instead of it being real life. I’d go there again, and again, for sure, and especially with the man. He just made it that much more special, relaxing, and romantic.

We finished out the trip in Phoenix and stayed at this 5 star hotel which he got a deal on. They had like 7-8 pools, so I was definitely going to try to get a mediocre tan and we sat out by the pool for like 3 hours. And, we went late at night to go in the pool under the stars and then sit out to dry under the stars.

I’ll be getting back into the swing of things, but will keep on looking at the pictures to relive it every so often.