A Sex Toy Party Surprise

I’ve been gone for a while and it’s just because everything has felt so strange since I’ve moved back in my parents. He’s miles away, and I keep up with the lie of us still being together and excluding the fact that he’s moved. We did see each other about a week ago where he came in to do some work stuff and we stayed together at a Hotel. I am now the proud owner of a GPS and am much, much less likely to get lost even though I can’t find my way out of a paper bag.

I had my bachelorette party over the weekend and that was just so much fun. I was supposed to know that it was a sex toy party, but either knew and forgot, or everyone just kept it secret from me. I had not a clue what was going on but absolutely loved that it was a sex toy party. We were all giggling, laughing, and cracking up passing around the different vibrating things varying from a loofah to a spinning penis.

I basically crossed off what I wanted on my list and then the girls could opt to buy me something from there. I only got three things, which surprised and confused the lady holding the party but I just didn’t feel right getting a lot. I didn’t want to feel like I was forcing anyone to get me a lot of stuff so I got the most interesting even though there were other things that caught my eye.

I had my father drop me off and then a friend of mine drove me back to the folks place. So, as you can imagine, I drank a lot. I had like half a bottle of patron, 1/4 of parrot bay rum, and about 10-15 jello shots in the flavors of cosmopolitan and mango martini. One of my friends even got me a flashing bachelorette sash! And, I had two penis cakes one made out of cake and one made out of rice crispy treats. We went out after the sex party concluded and went to a local bar where my sash got more interest from single women then single men.

And, I’ve learned, wearing a bachlorette sash around may cause confrontations with said single women with their boyfriends. I overheard at least once, “Don’t touch me again until you put a ring on my finger!” or something like that. My sash did bring good to us too, it got us a round of buttery nipple shots from a nearby table.

At the end of the night, after I had danced with unwilling people and shouted at some men about my honeymoon and how I would be riding some sharks in the ocean we headed out. On my way out the sexy wedge shoes turned against me and as I was stepping down from one of the steps my ankle dislocated and I tumbled down. I knew that if I wore those shoes my weak ankles would give out but I didn’t want to have my party in my normal black sneakers, so I paid the consequences. Unsurprisingly, after I hurt my ankle I didn’t feel any pain because of all the alcohol I had in my system and I could have skipped my way out of there.

I certainly felt my ankle the next day though but today I think it’s feeling better. All I did the next day was ice it, rest it, and elevate my ankle to make sure it would heal as quickly as possible. To say the least my party was fun, crazy, and you know it’s a great party when you end up falling at the end of it.

This party isn’t for you … It’s for me!

So, I told one of my work girls yesterday that I finally had a wedding date. Yesterday was my first somewhat ‘slow’ day in what feels like over a month where I had some openings sporadically, but mainly I was pretty consistent. She lit up with the news and I told her how the fiancée said he was going to do a Bachelor party but he wasn’t quite excited about me having the same kind of party. He seems to think that I might be bad and there might be male strippers or something. And, this is where if he was here I’d look at him funny and say I just went to Chippendales with my Mom, of course I’d go a bit crazy.

The gal I was talking to is a friend of mine and we’ve known each other for 3 years. She started planning and thinking about throwing me a party. See, I wasn’t expecting anyone to do anything for me. My mom was maybe hoping to throw a party for me and my people at work before I had to decide that I would leave after I got married. She wanted to hold like a reception for them and since I’d be gone, the plan was nixed.

But, my friend got super excited and she got that glimmer in her eye. I know the look, it’s the ‘okay, I’ve got an idea and you are going with it!’ kind of twinkle in her eye. She talked about a penis cake and a sex toy party and suddenly … I have a Bachelorette party.

And then, of course, knowing me I feel guilty. I say I don’t want to be a bother and that she doesn’t have to. She talks to one of the hair stylists I’m friends with who has her own house and suddenly the party is at her place. They tell me after I try to go through why they maybe wouldn’t want to throw me a party that ‘This party isn’t for you … it’s for me!’  Which cracks me up and they say it gives them an excuse to have a party and why wouldn’t they throw it for me? They talk the time to talk about stuff when I’m busy with clients so I’ll leave it up to them. I gave them a possible date if they wanted to do it so if they go for it and plan everything out. It’d be a free-for-all anyone can come to it which is nice because I do love and enjoy everyone I work with.

To varying degrees and depending on the day may affect the love, but overall there isn’t one person who I walk in and go “Oh, no, it’s a day I have to work with you.” I get along with the front desk girls, hair stylists, nail techs, and of course my little estheticians with me in the Spa.If my friends at work want to hold the party for me and want to do it I’ll welcome it. They didn’t have to, but it’ll be nice to have a last hurrah. It’s just not so great that I’ll have to leave soon afterward.