Not Enough time in a Day

I swear, I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I’ve had my Christmas shopping done for months, I’ve had things wrapped for weeks (except for a little here and there present, but besides that, all the rest is covered) and I’ve even given my gifts to my brother and my Mom before Christmas. See, I will be out-of-town, going over to the fiancee’s folks and family for Christmas instead of my family. They will be celebrating it without me and it will just be my brother, mom, and father, and I will be be four hours away from them.

I had to do groceries, I had to get gas, and other things. It feels like everyone is crazy! Seriously. People are driving nutty, I can feel their anxious energy standing in the line waiting to get all my stuff done. It’s not the best ability to have with being able to pick up on how people feel. Situations where its high stress you can barely contain yourself picking up on everyone else’s stress, even if you originally felt relaxed to begin with.

It doesn’t help that after I got done with my trip in Vegas (which I still need to talk about how much fun I had with the trip) that I have to pack right back up to prepare myself to go down to see his family. It just feels like with today there wasn’t enough hours within this day to get everything done. I’m still rushing around, picking things up, putting things away, getting stuff set up, and probably looking like a crazy person.

I made homemade ‘Save the Date’ cards for the fiancée’s family members to announce our wedding date. I don’t think that helped with the stress, but I do think they came out okay. Every day I’ve worked this week managers have been crabby, co-workers have been crabby, while clients haven’t been too bad. I’m hoping the mini cinnamon rolls I managed to buy today will hopefully calm down and maybe perk up my crabby managers and my overworked co-workers. We’ll see how it goes, either way I will have a day off starting next week so I can spend more time with his family so that’ll be nice.