Predator vs. Prey in my apartment

As you all may know, cats are predators and bunnies are generally prey animals. I woke up today thinking about the cat and I ran downstairs to check on it. It isn’t feeling the best because it’s stomach is a mess and it left a stinky present for me. I forgot when cats stomachs aren’t feeling well how bad their poop can be so I shook my head at the alley cat rolling around looking to play.

This cat acts more like a dog than a cat. Everything I did it followed me around like a dog. It just wanted to say by me and it ended up in our apartment while our bunny was in our pen. The cat followed me everywhere in the apartment and stayed glued to my side.

I always loved discovery channel where you would watch the predator vs. prey and I wondered how our bunny would handle the intruder. I kept trying to introduce them while our bunny was locked up in her pen and she stood her ground and stared at the cat.

My favorite thing about predator vs. prey was the prey getting away, but even better is when the prey stands down its opponent. When that prey animal turns around, charges, and scares off the predator trying to make a meal out of it. It’s a rarity on those programs, so I always got a kick out of it. And, as a kid I would rather watch discovery channel than cartoons any day.

Our bunny owns our apartment, I know that she knows it’s her space, but also she isn’t scared of anything. Our girl has been raised since 5 weeks with us so she knows a bigger animal won’t hurt her. The only thing that scares her is when I set off the fire alarms in the kitchen when I’m cooking. She was raised in a pet shop so she’s used to the sounds of dogs, cats, and is a pretty damn fearless little bunny,

So, here I am, real life in the flesh predator vs. prey showdown. The cat sees our bunny and flexes its claws, ramming it’s head against the bars to get closer. Our girl just watches, and then pokes her head out to sniff the cat. The cat jumps back in surprise, looking at me like, “what is going on here, it wants to sniff me?” I kind of laugh because I could have guessed this would happen, our bunny would stand her ground and not run away. The cat goes back in and my little bunny does something I’ve never seen her do before.

She stomps her back feet! It’s a loud thumping noise and scares the cat again. She stomps her feet once more and stares down that cat, like she is literally saying in her own words, “this is my home fur ball, get out!” I step in as the human reinforcement and pick up the furry lemur tailed cat so our bunny doesn’t have to charge or do anything else to state her opinion.

I have gotten myself in a straight up mess now and I don’t know what to do. This is a lovely, sweet cat but we can’t keep it. My husband can’t breathe and my bunny basically said without words get out of my place intruder. If I was back where we used to live I’d know what shelters to go to but now I don’t, and I’m lost, and a total mess. What I get for being nice, right?

The precursor to what people want

033It’s funny having an ‘exotic’ pet and gauging their reactions when you tell them you have a bunny. First, they think it’s a joke and start laughing and tell you how funny you are. Then, it kind of sets in that you aren’t laughing and have promptly gone to your phone to show off pictures of your pet like any pet owner might do. Yet, they don’t know how to react… Bunnies are supposed to be outside, can bite, and how could they ever supposed compare to owning a cat or a dog?

I had a horse before, but no one ever told me to work my way up to another animal. Having a horse was just as unusual, people tended to think that I kept her at my house or that I must have had a farm, both very untrue. So, I’m getting rather used to people’s remarks to my husbands and I with our first pet and people saying, “well, huh, that’s cute and a good starting point to getting a cat next, then a dog, and then maybe a baby!”

It’s not just our waiter we had who said this, I think both mine and my husbands mother are thinking the same thing, working up to having a baby. It’s like now that I am married that is the next line of conversation everyone seems to think is okay talking to me about, are you going to have a kid? I keep on getting asked it when I go back to my old work to visit and my mother has straight out said that this is good practice for baby making. And, I couldn’t be further away from any idea of having a child.

Though our little furry pet doesn’t help out with the bills she does help out with my sanity and taking care of makes me feel better about waiting for my husband to come home. With my last trip back home I’d normally stay longer, yet I couldn’t wait to get back to my bunny and my husband. Our unusual, exotic pet may be a precursor to many people, or a hilarious joke whenever I talk about her to people I don’t know. Personally, she has been just perfect for my lonely days at home.

Unexpected family addition

I know what you are thinking, I talk about not wanting babies and suddenly now I am posting about an unexpected family addition. No, instead we got a family addition completely spur of the moment and I was the last person to expect it. The husband saw a pet shop and veered toward it, I told him we shouldn’t because we can’t have a pet because of his allergies. I was going to keep walking straight but he insisted and we walked in.

I have owned a horse before, our family has owned many cats over the years since I was a little girl and when I was five we had a sweet older dog. I’ve also owned geckos, collected insects from caterpillars to crickets so I have had some experience with animals.

But, I’ve never owned the type of an animal we ended up getting. She was tiny, so cute, and like I said, “a little ball of terror!” she was very quiet. My husband got the okay to hold her and she was just adorable and he held her close to his chest. She tolerated all of the chaos of the pet shop and tons of people walking by and picking her up and petting her. There was a guinea pig who seemed like he was smart and was running away from people touching him but she just stood there. My husband held her and she was so adorable in his arms and just sat there perfectly.

I never imagined owning a pet with my husband because of his terrible allergies, I never thought we could own something furry. And, with our huge disagreement on dogs vs. cats I thought we would never have a fur ball because he would only want a dog and I’ve been a cat person for years. So, we ended up with a pet I’ve never had and had to research once we got her. When I finally held her because I was pretty certain we could get her I teared up because I was so happy and just loved the little bundle of fur.

So, what is our new little family member? Well, she is a rambunctious baby rabbit! I’ve never owned a bunny in my life and she is so different from any other animal I’ve ever owned. She’s incredibly smart and full of energy but she also likes to just sit on your chest and chill for an hour relaxing with you while you watch tv. I’ve done a ton of research on rabbits since we bought her to make sure we are feeding her right, exercising her enough, and giving her all that she needs.

She makes a mess constantly with her shavings and hay when she leaves her cage, yet I don’t mind picking up after her. My husband loves her to death too and it may sound weird but I can’t imagine not having our little furry girl around.