End of the world and I feel fine

131Remember that song with the lyrics of, “it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…?” I always tried to decipher what they were saying outside of those lyrics but could only pick out the paused and pointed words. I didn’t know there was supposed to be another end of the world prophecy or thing going on, except I found out through blogging about it. I swear there was a recent one where I worked it and some of the superstitious girls were mumbling about the end of the world.

Personally for me I am taking the ‘end of the world’ in my own hands by going to none other than an end of the world party. My husband and I haven’t gone to a party since his Halloween work party which was so much fun and I am a bit of a party animal.

Combine partying with being inside of a museum, which I’ve loved going to them since I was a little girl, and you have absolute bliss for me.

This party isn’t for you … It’s for me!

So, I told one of my work girls yesterday that I finally had a wedding date. Yesterday was my first somewhat ‘slow’ day in what feels like over a month where I had some openings sporadically, but mainly I was pretty consistent. She lit up with the news and I told her how the fiancée said he was going to do a Bachelor party but he wasn’t quite excited about me having the same kind of party. He seems to think that I might be bad and there might be male strippers or something. And, this is where if he was here I’d look at him funny and say I just went to Chippendales with my Mom, of course I’d go a bit crazy.

The gal I was talking to is a friend of mine and we’ve known each other for 3 years. She started planning and thinking about throwing me a party. See, I wasn’t expecting anyone to do anything for me. My mom was maybe hoping to throw a party for me and my people at work before I had to decide that I would leave after I got married. She wanted to hold like a reception for them and since I’d be gone, the plan was nixed.

But, my friend got super excited and she got that glimmer in her eye. I know the look, it’s the ‘okay, I’ve got an idea and you are going with it!’ kind of twinkle in her eye. She talked about a penis cake and a sex toy party and suddenly … I have a Bachelorette party.

And then, of course, knowing me I feel guilty. I say I don’t want to be a bother and that she doesn’t have to. She talks to one of the hair stylists I’m friends with who has her own house and suddenly the party is at her place. They tell me after I try to go through why they maybe wouldn’t want to throw me a party that ‘This party isn’t for you … it’s for me!’  Which cracks me up and they say it gives them an excuse to have a party and why wouldn’t they throw it for me? They talk the time to talk about stuff when I’m busy with clients so I’ll leave it up to them. I gave them a possible date if they wanted to do it so if they go for it and plan everything out. It’d be a free-for-all anyone can come to it which is nice because I do love and enjoy everyone I work with.

To varying degrees and depending on the day may affect the love, but overall there isn’t one person who I walk in and go “Oh, no, it’s a day I have to work with you.” I get along with the front desk girls, hair stylists, nail techs, and of course my little estheticians with me in the Spa.If my friends at work want to hold the party for me and want to do it I’ll welcome it. They didn’t have to, but it’ll be nice to have a last hurrah. It’s just not so great that I’ll have to leave soon afterward.

Goodbyes aren’t my thing

I’m not a fan of saying goodbye to anyone. I’m even worse at keeping in contact with people, which means… I don’t keep in contact with people I knew before. It’s just so much easier to fall out of touch. I’m not afraid to admit I’m a loner and that’s the way I’ve been since I was a 5-year-old up until now. It’s easier to distance myself from people and not put myself out there. It’s part of the reason why I was so mean to my fiancée when I first met him, because somehow I didn’t want to fall for him.

And, well, you know how that turned out for me. I saw him the second night, couldn’t contain my goofy smile, and ended up giving him my phone number on the 3rd night after we met. Another day later we were on our first date, and I knew I was head over heels even with that first date. I never was a believer in love at first sight but when it actually happened to me I couldn’t even deny it. The moment I met him I was smitten, and that had never happened to me before and definitely scared me. I’ve had to fight myself especially in the beginning not to not push him away, because this is what I always did.

So, thinking about one of the estheticians leaving I’m trying to think of what I can say for goodbye. If I should take her out for a private going away thing, but I’m not sure what to do.

I’ve gotten better with pushing myself to try to be closer to the people I care about. I took one of my little esthetician buddies out for her birthday and we had ourselves a fabulous time. I’m already planning to take another one of my spa gals out to her favorite restaurant to eat for her birthday as well ( in February, which is lot of time to plan and save!). I haven’t told the February birthday girl what I’ve got planned for her, but I’m thinking I’ll keep it a surprise.

Now, with the gal who is leaving, she asked me if I’d come to visit her. I said yeah, I would, yet failed to mention how nervous I am about getting time off for my wedding/honeymoon and once I’m done with that in 2012 all of my time off will be used up. No matter how many years I’ve been there they only like to give a total of five days off a year. And especially hate giving two days off in a row to you. Even if those days you are lucky to even get 2 clients in a day.

The esthetician who is leaving has been a huge help when I’ve worked with her. I hate asking for help at my work, but lots of times she’ll already be there giving me a hand. We’ve had arguments, and butting of heads.  She’s actually the gal I went to her baby shower for and get her a Mommy Survival Kit and somethings for the baby, of course. And, where they played ‘Pin the Sperm on the Egg’: https://rubhub.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/pin-the-sperm-on-the-egg/.

She is, of course, a mom, so I can’t just take her after work and do something. I’ve got to plan it out, and she and I hardly see each other because the shifts we work together I’m so busy that I hardly have enough time to get out of my massage cave and see the light of day. These are all excuses, I know, but I’m not sure what I want to do. I kind of want to write her a card, because I’m better in the written word rather than spoken, saying how I feel and everything. Give her a little goodbye gift too. I always knew she was going to leave, just didn’t know when, but I don’t know quite what to do.

Goodbyes just aren’t my thing. I generally avoid them, and I don’t know what we should do if I decide I do want to take her out. I’m a little stumped and conflicted about the whole thing, to tell ya the truth. I think I got a good gift for her, and a handmade card I did, but besides that, not too sure about anything else.

When you dance and no one joins you…

Okay, so, I don’t really party too much. I’m very much a home body, and like to be by myself. And, well, I just never learned/wanted to party even before I was 21 or after for that matter. One of the girls at work was turning 21 and a bunch of work people were going so I decided I’d take the plunge and show up at dinner, and at the drinking hole of choice.

Why is it always on someone else’s 21st birthday party that I get free drinks and chug it down? I’m one of those cheap-o drinkers that can’t drink too much because I won’t spend the money, but if someone else has spent the money, and can’t finish their drink, or even better, got it for me, am I going to refuse it? No! I will toss that back with a merry little dance.

Talking about dancing, why is it that people need to have like 5 drinks before they can dance? Do they think that they have the mad skills of a true dancer after several of them? Or, more to the point, they have 5 or more drinks before they dance so that in the morning they forget about what they did. That’s probably the truer statement of the two. For me, I will just start busting my groove everywhere, anywhere, whether I’m drinking water or drinking a vodka whatever. I’m always the lone dancer, but whenever I hear music my hips start a moving, and then my shoulders, and suddenly I’m getting down with my bad self.

It’s a sickness I don’t want to be cured of. Oh no.

I stopped drinking at 2 drinks, then ended up being offered a shot or two. My mom was on high alert because she knew I was doing this and was already warning me to watch myself and texting me during the entire escapade. I had dinner with the girls at six, ended up over at the watering hole at eight, and ended up leaving around 12 o’clock at night. It was a fun time, but I’m glad I don’t do it that often. I had to kind-of-sorta parallel park and since I had problems doing this when I was stone cold sober I was a little nervous once I did have some drinks.

So, my mom keeps texting me. Do you want me to come over? I finally said yeah, that I was afraid getting out of the parking spot and it might be a situation. She shows up, I hop in my car, back up, head out, no problem. I’m following her like my beacon in the light. Then, she turns off where I know isn’t the way back home. I call her up, tell her she’s going the wrong way, but she’s going to hop on the tollway and wants me to too.

Well, I’m a bull-head. I took local and didn’t have a problem. Got back after her and decided to spend the night over at the folks because it was closer than going over to the man’s. Just to play it safe.

The aftermath of this drinking situation are a sour stomach, a pretty much sleepless night, but it could be worse. Every time I drink it seems to mess up my stomach, so I’m used to that, and my nose was congested so that didn’t help me sleep either. I don’t have to go to work today and I’m probably going down to see my brother and hang out with him. I think I got the drinking gene from him, my mother is a lightweight, and so is my father, and my brother… he’s like a fish. The stories of him drinking are quite something and hilarious. He’s more of a beer fan, I’m more of a vodka girl.

But, it’s nice these kind of partying days/nights aren’t too frequent (like hardly ever). My stomach tends to be upset by the tiniest things and you force a lot of alcohol for it to deal with and it’s not happy. And, if it isn’t happy, well, neither are you. Plus, unless if you are drinking with the drinkers it’s hard to communicate with them. It’s like you develop a second  buzzed/drunk language that even if you don’t understand them, it’s still somehow hilarious what anyone is saying.