More money, more problems

My brother has this thing about interviewing for jobs which is kind of funny. It’s definitely uniquely him too, because while I may interview and I have no idea except maybe they liked me, but probably not, he has this overconfidence. He finishes up with an interview, and you’ll call him up, and he’ll be so excited and basically say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, they loved me! I’ll be hired next week, it went perfect, of course, it’s me!” I can’t even count how many times he’s done this because I think it’s been after every single interview. He is just brimming with confidence and is so sure he has got it.  Now, how many of those jobs actually did hire him?

Ummm… not so many…

But, he recently had a job interview and was very excited about possibly being hired for it. He was, as me and my mother call it, twitterpated. My brother seems to have this wanderlust, it’s always greener, kind of outlook for things. While, with me, I’m a very loyal person and like to stick where I’m at. My brother for the longest time talked about leaving where we live to live someplace else for many years, which is not okay with me, because I need to have him around. If he had to eventually relocate I would understand, but I’d still want him to be here.

I just found out that he did get the job that he interviewed for. Supposedly, he will be making more money than his last job, but it will definitely have a lot more responsibilities. I thought that with his job that he had currently that he seemed to be not exactly happy, he was definitely more content than any of his other jobs. I’m just hoping he will be as happy as he can be with the new working situation.

If I just did my career for the money, and the money alone, I’d be long gone from it. If all that mattered to me was to make the most money, massage would be the last thing I’d go after. Maybe you can make a lot when you have your own spa, and you are a one woman show, but even then I’m not sure. I’d think the overhead might catch up with you even if the money goes straight to your pocket, a lot would come out of your pocket to keep your own business going. To say it’d be tempting to have your own hours, not have your lunch disappear from your shift, have control of when, where, what, is very true. I’m also realistic that there are cons and pros to it.

This career is what I do because I have a passion for it. A definite love for it. I have pride, confidence, and an ability in what I do that makes me cocky, yet also quite happy in it. When my clients leave and I can see there’s a change in them, a lightness in their step, it definitely makes what I do special and unique. Sometimes, some people leave and they never quite relaxed. It’s not my fault, I tried my darndest, gave my all, and that’s all you can ask with each session, and each client I have.