Drinking for me and myself

I went out drinking tonight, met up with a bunch of girls, but I just realized even more that I am not a group person. I am a 1-on-1 person. Especially when you go out drinking and there comes these people who you’ve met like once or twice and they have all of these inside ‘jokes’ they talk about so you never seem to be a part of the conversation. You are on the fringe, looking in, an outsider, so you keep on drinking to hopefully find anything funny. And, to find their babble about blah, blah, somewhat interesting. Or, drink your way to get through it.

I needed to drink. There’s been so much stress with me, and mainly the man who I’ve been so worked up without anyone knowing. His job has been a mess, and he has an interview within his job that would have him move if he got it.

Which, at least he got an interview. With his job here they still haven’t so we don’t know what’s going on and he got an interview for within his job but it would have him move and it’s going to be for the next week. So, he is all worked up and I have to be supportive and strong because he is scared and nervous, plus anxious, and I’m trying my best to help him through it. I’ve missed him a lot and the only people who know that he’s gone is my mom and my brother.

It’s just that it’s been like a year and a half or so of not knowing. And, now, it feels like things are coming down to the wire…. maybe.

The get together wasn’t awful, but it just wasn’t as much fun as I have with just one of the gals when I take them out for their birthday or we just go just the two of us. And, lots of people out tonight were playing with their phones and the conversations were going everywhere, but basically I couldn’t follow them, and it was all about just enjoying the drinking as best as I could. And, I made sure I didn’t have too much, yet just enough.