Resolutions … Kind of, not really.

As you may or may not know I am not a big fan of New Year Resolutions. I’m also not a big fan of planning ahead. I kind of like to fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, yet, I do know this year I’m going to have to plan things out. With a big move, losing my job, having to find another one, getting married, a honeymoon, and much more there does have to be some type of plan to go by.

So, here’s my Kind of, Not really Resolutions:

             1. I’m going to need to get another license and reapply for it. This is a new year resolution that has to be done. In this same category is looking for another job in the place we move that I’m happy with. I make the resolution to not settle for just any kind of Salon/Spa and hopefully find someplace with as great as people I have to work with now and that I can be passionate about.

2. Keep my head above water. There are going to be times I’m sure I will be sad, and miss my family, and feel absolutely crazy without money coming in and so much more, but I must be strong and keep myself afloat. I’m going to try to look at the positives and not lose it. This will definitely be the time I can learn more about who I am and how tough I can be in the next few months.

   3. Be a good wife/partner. I’m guessing I’m not perfect and I know that while I love the man, he isn’t perfect either. I will try to show how much I love him especially when we get separated from each other those couple of months when he moves down first. Also, I’m going to try to not get super stressed about everything we need to do for the wedding before and after he leaves.

4. Take care of myself more and make more ‘me’ time. My job is very physical, and exhausting emotionally, physically, and mentally sometimes depending on the clients. I’ve been trying to take more baths to relax my muscles but I also need to stretch, breathe through my massages, and ice myself after work if I’m in pain. I also need to get at least one massage a month which will be a lot tougher when I leave my work.

I’ll put the crap load of tea I bought just recently in the take care of myself area for ‘self-care.’
5. Make time for more of the hobbies I love to do. I love to draw, paint, write, make my own handmade cards, and necklaces. I can be a very creative person. It’s just hard to do these things I love when I’m tired, exhausted, and mainly just want to eat and sleep as much as I can to re-cooperate for work again. This is a positive for the whole moving down there and not having a job thing, I can actually have the time do some of the things I love.  And, maybe be able to volunteer for things like I used to when I was a kid.

Like volunteering at a butterfly garden, working with animals, or even doing volunteer work with kids.

6. Be kind of, sort of … social. With moving down to someplace I’ve never been before, thousands of miles away from my family and work friends, I’m going to have to throw myself in the shark tank and try to do some social things. This is part of the idea of volunteering for stuff I’m interested in that I will meet with cool people who also might like something I like. Or, maybe I will find some dance clubs because I absolutely love to get my groove on.

7. Try to keep in contact with my few friends up here. I know how long distance relationships don’t work because almost every relationship I’ve been in has been long distance and it’s tough. It’s even tougher with friends, and I’m hoping to at least stay in contact. By ‘staying in contact’ I mean sending texts back and forth checking up on how things are.

I’ll try to see if I can do these few things for my Kind of, Not really New Years Resolutions.

The List of “I want this… now!”

Restaurants are a must for the list!

Every Christmas, like clockwork, my brother makes his needs wants well-known for what me and my mom should get him… which ends up mostly being me. I feel somewhat bad for him because his birthday is right around when Christmas is. Oh, and the man’s birthday is very near to Christmas too, what a coincidence, huh? I swear, my brother and the man have more qualities similar than they’d like to admit. Part of those qualities is being very difficult to buy for.

My brother gives me the list of gift cards to buy for him. This includes a grocery store gift card, a fast food chain gift card, and last year I got him a nice restaurant gift card that could be used at multiple locations.

He then used that gift card I got him on his other sister. I feel a bit of a burn from that, but will still end up getting him a ton of stuff any ways.

This year I already got one item from the list. He wanted a Queen, black, plain sheet for his bed. He keeps asking for this sheet but I refuse to give this to him until his birthday. My mother already gave away her furry Alpaca feeling blanket she got for him, I will not cave in beforehand. He won’t die without it and that means one less thing to get on his ‘List.’ If you try to get anything that is not on the list he will stick his nose up at it and you will regret spending your money on the object. And, most likely, you will stupidly take off the tags so now there’s no way of getting that money back.

The man doesn’t give me a list, but there’s an unseen ‘list’ to adhere to for him too. Pretty things, but they have to be his style, and he told me a few electronic things like a steamer which I’m not exactly feeling. I did find something cute for our anniversary and I’m thinking of going someplace for it too. The question is, where to go?

And, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about my brother and the man. I’m not the best to get gifts for anyways. The problem with me is that I don’t ask for anything, and I don’t really want/need anything. I hate asking for things even if it is a gift and I think that anything the man comes up with is perfect, my brother takes my not asking for anything as a loophole in the system. He has to be told some kind of gift card he can get for me or else then he ends up getting nothing because he can’t think up of anything. Or, well, I’ll give him that excuse.

The last gift I got my brother that he was super excited about was this face cleanser from my work. He immediately hopped in the shower, used the products, and came up saying, “My face feels all tingly.” Well, I don’t think it’s supposed to tingle, but he was pretty dang excited about it that I let him say what he wanted.