Having a not caring nonchalant attitude

He's got the idea of it!

Sometimes I do wish that I could be like my brother. I’ve been thinking this thought with my growing and well hidden guilt I feel with my work situation. Working at a Spa/Salon is a little bit different of an environment than most. While most work places not only expect, appreciate, and want you to give them a 2 weeks notice, at a Spa/Salon it is a death sentence. There is this problem of clients and you might possibly steal them so normally if you are still moving around within the state you will be told to not work your 2 weeks.

If you do tell them about it, and you are moving, like my case, thousands of miles away this doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Just recently two girls at my work who had been there for 2 years, and another for longer than that, moved out-of-state. The one gave 2 weeks notice, worked it, moved away. There were some shifts that she was called in not to work, but it was 2 weeks and luckily that didn’t have to last for too long. The other girl gave them more than 2 weeks notice and her hours were cut, she was told not to come in, and she got very upset about it. The father of her child was far away from where she lived so she had to move to be closer to him.

They weren’t keeping her for her shifts. She would get sent home sometimes 4 hours or so early. New clients were moved from her books to another service provider since she was going to be leaving and they wanted the client to have someone to go to who would still be there.

So, I know how this works. I understand, once I give them my notice, I am literally roadkill that eventually needs to be picked up off of the road and moved out. See, I don’t want the fact that I’m moving to compromise what they think of me, shorten my shifts, or make me give any less than what I’m giving now. For all they know I will be here for just as long of a time as I have been there, and I would, it’s just my fiancee had a better opportunity for a job miles away. He actually thanked me when we were talking on the phone and I was driving home from work for letting him pursue this job which gives him the ability to grow and get promotions.

But, hiding this from my work has given me quite a bit of guilt, even though I know it’s for the best. Every time I talk about the wedding and our date I feel this pang in my heart at the thought of leaving.

I was talking to my brother about it and he just shrugged his shoulders at me. His exact words were, “It’s a job. It’s not your life.” He just looked at it so nonchalantly, like there was no question whether or not I should be getting upset. The answer was I shouldn’t be getting upset, I shouldn’t care because it’s a job. My brother has always jumped from one job to another. When he does leave a job, he gets excited about it and he can’t wait to get out of there. He’s never been tied to one job in his life, and I’ve tied to at least two. My first job as a dog groomer, and this job as a massage therapist. It’s not just it being a job, it’s the people I work with.

It’s my clients I enjoy seeing, and more importantly my co-workers. My little estheticians who I always peek into their rooms when I come  for my shifts. With how much I laugh when I’m at work, and how much fun I can have, I can’t feel okay about leaving. But, I know I have to be because it’s happening one way or another.