It’s hard to find but great to keep

I felt like the biggest idiot ever today. Why? Because I forgot about our meeting that we had for our massage department and the manager told me that she missed me at the meeting. And, I totally forgot that it was today, early in the morning, and just came in today like there was no meeting. I absolutely hate disappointing people and it goes for double that when it comes to my professional life.

I did share with that same manager, who is the owner of the place, what has been going on lately.

You know, with my mom having skin cancer and I started to tear up and kept the tears in my eyeballs. My voice broke though as I was telling her and I told her that I’d let her know as we found out more but I might have to take off a Monday if we can’t schedule it on a Thursday.

Which she said, Sarah, of course you can have the time off to be with your mom in the surgery if it falls on your work day. Which kind of helped me to feel better that I don’t have to stress whether they may or may not be able to give me the time off to be with her. My father is the dope, and ditto for my brother, I tend to know how to handle hospital situations and I’m a very good patient caretaker. Plus, my brother is so much farther than us, and has a new job, so it’d be difficult for him.

It’s just good to have my manager understand what I’m being put through (some of it, not the whole moving and everything, that’s a new level of stress, a different one I won’t be talking about) and that she will let me have the time off if I need it.