Two delightful endeavors

winepaintingBeing in a new place will open you up to the idea that you need to step out of your shell. Because the people who were allowed a look at you without your shell on, being vulnerable when you really do like to keep it on, are no longer there. Those limited people you can trust, aka, friends, now live miles away and try as you might those miles add up. Let alone you could never let your shell off unless if you felt safe with that person outside of work and giving yourself permission to be exposed.

I am quite happy in my shell, yet, I absolutely love to dance and have fun at the same time. Drinking is my forte and if you pair drinking with something civilized like say… Painting, it makes it much more interesting. Now, put a bunch of people with byob for the painting class and you are bound to have a good time, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love dancing and would go dancing if I knew places that had good music but I’m still figuring out things as I go. And, my husband and I have an overwhelming supply of wine in our apartment that never gets touched so it helps clearing those bottles out too. We still have two cases full of wine still not unloaded from our honeymoon and a whole complete wine case full from before we first met.

The first time I went I didn’t know you should bring your own snacks too, and your own wine glass if you didn’t want to be drinking out of a plastic cup. My more recent time I went to do this I prepped up with crackers, napkins, a proper glass, and a cute little bag to hold everything and my wine in. You can tell the crowd who goes there, couples who are married, dating, or a group of women looking to have a good time out. No one comes to these byob drinking and painting classes alone, and people tend to pair off into their respected groups.

I would go with my husband but he isn’t much of a painter, or a drinker for that matter, so he luckily agrees to being my designated driver. It’s really a lot of fun to interact with the people around you and to see the differences of how everyone’s painting comes out. We all are painting the same thing, yet, how we interrupt it or put certain colors together makes every painting unique to its owner.

Also, I tend to get painters envy and I think everyone else painting has this same problem. You like a detail of someone else’s painting more and suddenly yours just isn’t turning out the way you want to. I think it’s extremely common because I see and hear everyone doing this, including myself. But, looking back on it that splash of yellow, or the red in your painting instead of blue is totally you.

Crying over Spilled Martinis

Do you need a hug? Says the overstuffed kitty.

So, we had our work meeting, our end of the year annual one where we go through everything. And though I didn’t win as many awards as last year, I still ended up getting emotional (once I got home, of course).

Two chocolate martinis, one champagne, and one vodka and cranberry did not help this. Being given on top of those drinks four more drink tickets didn’t add well to the situation either but I resisted the alcohol. With all of that stuff in my system I cooled down, drove home just fine but ended up getting back and having everything hit me. A work scrapbook of all of the pictures from our year we had in 2011 didn’t help and a card made out to me with some sweet stuff did not sweeten the deal.

I became a bawling mess. I mean, I’ve cried over this move and losing my job, obviously, but this time it was hard to keep it in at our meeting which of course the alcohol didn’t help the situation. I faked it like a champ until I got home and then broke down once he asked me what was wrong. I feel better now that I’ve let it out for the time being. One of the girls who I knew from work, who is hilarious when she drinks, insisted on me coming with her to a local bar for more drinking.

Her insistence sounded like this, “I’m going to buy you a drink there so shut up and come with me to the bar!” I turned her down and headed home to try to take it easy and blubber like a baby once the man asked me what was wrong. Plus, I had enough drinks that I waited until I sobered up before I came home and paid special attention to the road.

Our meeting was fun, but kind of draining for me at the same time. I’m thinking of maybe asking some of the girls to go out with me before the cat comes out of the bag, which won’t be for months.

When you dance and no one joins you…

Okay, so, I don’t really party too much. I’m very much a home body, and like to be by myself. And, well, I just never learned/wanted to party even before I was 21 or after for that matter. One of the girls at work was turning 21 and a bunch of work people were going so I decided I’d take the plunge and show up at dinner, and at the drinking hole of choice.

Why is it always on someone else’s 21st birthday party that I get free drinks and chug it down? I’m one of those cheap-o drinkers that can’t drink too much because I won’t spend the money, but if someone else has spent the money, and can’t finish their drink, or even better, got it for me, am I going to refuse it? No! I will toss that back with a merry little dance.

Talking about dancing, why is it that people need to have like 5 drinks before they can dance? Do they think that they have the mad skills of a true dancer after several of them? Or, more to the point, they have 5 or more drinks before they dance so that in the morning they forget about what they did. That’s probably the truer statement of the two. For me, I will just start busting my groove everywhere, anywhere, whether I’m drinking water or drinking a vodka whatever. I’m always the lone dancer, but whenever I hear music my hips start a moving, and then my shoulders, and suddenly I’m getting down with my bad self.

It’s a sickness I don’t want to be cured of. Oh no.

I stopped drinking at 2 drinks, then ended up being offered a shot or two. My mom was on high alert because she knew I was doing this and was already warning me to watch myself and texting me during the entire escapade. I had dinner with the girls at six, ended up over at the watering hole at eight, and ended up leaving around 12 o’clock at night. It was a fun time, but I’m glad I don’t do it that often. I had to kind-of-sorta parallel park and since I had problems doing this when I was stone cold sober I was a little nervous once I did have some drinks.

So, my mom keeps texting me. Do you want me to come over? I finally said yeah, that I was afraid getting out of the parking spot and it might be a situation. She shows up, I hop in my car, back up, head out, no problem. I’m following her like my beacon in the light. Then, she turns off where I know isn’t the way back home. I call her up, tell her she’s going the wrong way, but she’s going to hop on the tollway and wants me to too.

Well, I’m a bull-head. I took local and didn’t have a problem. Got back after her and decided to spend the night over at the folks because it was closer than going over to the man’s. Just to play it safe.

The aftermath of this drinking situation are a sour stomach, a pretty much sleepless night, but it could be worse. Every time I drink it seems to mess up my stomach, so I’m used to that, and my nose was congested so that didn’t help me sleep either. I don’t have to go to work today and I’m probably going down to see my brother and hang out with him. I think I got the drinking gene from him, my mother is a lightweight, and so is my father, and my brother… he’s like a fish. The stories of him drinking are quite something and hilarious. He’s more of a beer fan, I’m more of a vodka girl.

But, it’s nice these kind of partying days/nights aren’t too frequent (like hardly ever). My stomach tends to be upset by the tiniest things and you force a lot of alcohol for it to deal with and it’s not happy. And, if it isn’t happy, well, neither are you. Plus, unless if you are drinking with the drinkers it’s hard to communicate with them. It’s like you develop a second  buzzed/drunk language that even if you don’t understand them, it’s still somehow hilarious what anyone is saying.