Kitchen War Zone

One of my favorite things about cooking from scratch is feeling a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when not only is my food edible, but it is delish! I’ve been doing a lot of from scratch recipes from my multitude of recipe books my husband got me for me taking on the chef duties. I did pork without cutting it into tiny pieces which is how I normally cook meat. I just did a buttermilk flour dredged chicken tenderloins fried up in oil with a lemon curd sauce which was divine!

I love when I have weird stuff being checked out at the grocery store and someone asks me, “Why would you need this?? What could you possibly be you making with this?! And then I just smile and explain the recipe and they end up smiling back and saying how it sounds good.

When I pull it off it is icing on the cake! But, my kitchen becomes like a war zone that you get kind of scared stepping back into when you are done cooking. The flour and lemon zest was everywhere, and flour was plastered to the plate I used to dredge the chicken in. The buttermilk and lemon zest was luckily self contained within the bowl, yet making the lemon zest wasn’t so clean and tidy!

The lemon zest flew all over the place and I ended up inadvertently using the grinder on the top of my thumb. It isn’t a from scratch recipe if I don’t end up slicing myself in the process.

I’ve never made chicken without cutting it up into tiny pieces and I have to fight he urge to this time. Luckily dicing up my floured buttermilk bathed chicken wasn’t necessary because the chicken tenderloins turned out moist and not dry at all. My husband gave me two thumbs up and we luckily have an agreement at if I cook the food he will clean it up. Which, with the lemon zest, breading, oil, and the whole kitchen like a war zone I thought this was more than a fair enough agreement.


She was all up in my nutsack

Mom: “I’m dying of thirst.”

Me: “I’m trying to get his attention.”

Mom: “Just show him your boobs and we’ll get some water.”

Unfortunately, no one was interested in my magnificent chest enough to stop by long enough for me to ask for water… until the end of our meal and I was literally waving my hand in the air and uttering, “excuse me” under my breath. Good news was the food was good, bad news the service of this place always sucks and not even cleavage could get them to come over to check on us.

Oh, and another recent hilarious thing my brother told me just recently, randomly, without warning:

Brother: “She was all up in my nutsack.”

It’s hard to leave me speechless, but that pretty much did it right there.

Delivery Service

There’s something about coming home to someone that makes you drive quicker. There’s something about coming home to someone that makes you want to punch out of work and stop making money. (Which is hard for me, everyone at my work even knows I love making money). I’ve been alone a few times, and I don’t mind spending time by myself. I’ve been known to go to social meet-ups without knowing a single person, by myself, and holding my own without a friend or family there to act as a buffer.

But, I did make sure I ate a cupcake I bought over at the chocolate shop before I got home. I know it’s terrible I didn’t want to share, but this cupcake is just too damn good for sharing. It was a PB and no J cupcake with this awesome peanut butter buttercream and the most amazingly moist chocolate cake ever.

I gobbled it down quickly inside of the break room before anyone else came in. The moist cake crumbled onto the floor and I was 3 seconds away from picking it up and eating it. Then, I remembered how disgusting our floor is and I promptly threw it away in the garbage. I must admit I was still thinking about eating it as I threw it away, it was just that damn good. I’ve been craving a cupcake for a awhile especially since I’ve been watching the new show on Foodnetwork called, ‘Cupcake wars.’ The PB and no J cupcake had like honey roasted peanuts on top, 2 of them, and I think if I’m feeling really kind I might get one for my brother. He absolutely loves peanut butter.

I had delivery service for dinner, the man brought home some Panda Express. I think the combo of cupcake + fast food chinese = my stomach not being too happy. My books are full tomorrow so I need to eat before going into work because being 100% booked means my lunch is going to be non-existent. I’ll be surprised if I can sit down and eat.