I didn’t start the fire

So, you know you have a pretty cursed and horrific day at work when you messing up an appointment is out-beaten by someone almost burning the Spa down. Now, I’m just happy I didn’t start a fire and mess up an appointment because then I probably wouldn’t be able to hold it back, I’d definitely end up breaking down at work. Luckily, I was able to hold myself together … barely.

How did the fire get started? Well, we have these little tea lights and to make the room look fancy we like to line them up all over the place.  It’s easy to bump into them so I think that the girl who started the fire  hit the tea light into the tissue box, but I wasn’t around for it. I have set something on fire two times, and it was just a little kleenex tissue that was in the way. The first time I silently freaked out and hit the tissue with my hand. Umm… very stupid, right? I figured out that was going to make it spread so I threw it in the sink and had the common sense to turn on the faucet.

The second time I just calmly took it, threw it in the sink, turned on the water and the fire was easily put out. So, I’m a bit of a fire starter, but not to the extent of lighting up a tissue box. The girl in question brought the burnt box to a manager and they took pictures of it to send to other managers that weren’t working. I think they might frame the box too, it was definitely quite a day.


Vegas and the Drunken Cartoon Characters

I never was able to talk about the Vegas trip I had in December, but with going to Vegas earlier in 2011 you would think I’d see everything. This trip, I even saw something that had me scratching my head.  I was used to the guys (and some girls) who had the ‘Girls, girls, girls’ naked women cards for calling a girl into your room or something like that. Last time they hit two cards together making this strange clicking noise to get your attention. This time, they snapped their finger against the card to try to mimic the sound.

If I say anyone trying to sell/advertise/get me to grab anything I’d switch sides with my mom. I’d be on her one side at one time, then I’d quickly switch to her other so I made her closer to them. They never bugged her about anything, but I would get the naked women cards pushed into my space and they left my mom alone with it.

We also saw this:

Which, shows you Garfield has hit very hard times. He hasn’t had lasagna for so long that the yellow cat has taken up drinking on the sidewalk. But, it wasn’t just Garfield, it was Mickey, several Mickeys, Mario and Luigi, Daffy and Donald duck, and even more.

I know how troubled a cartoon character can be hitting hard times, so I let my mom take her pictures on her own. I moved as far away as possible so the characters wouldn’t come after me if they were upset at the picture taking.

But, she was successful at documenting the many, many rough times for looney toon characters and many more.

My mom actually gambled this time meaning she spent $20 at one time while I mainly lost about $5-$6 after my big time spending. I mainly go to the penny slots, and she does too, but she got enticed by the game, “Deal or no deal” and lost like $10 in 2 minutes. So, this game was definitely ‘No Deal‘ and we stayed away from it the rest of the trip. But, we stayed close enough to watch other people get into the bonus round where you get to pick cases and all that. One guy who was playing it won like $50 and I kept telling him to cash out. He didn’t listen and lost the rest of his money, which is what you need to know about gambling. Even if you’re up a little, cash out and run! 

We also saw dirty shows the entire trip for every night we were there. We saw Peep Show, Anthony Cools hypnotist, Chippendales, and Amazing Jonathon. Every show we saw was a hit and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed seeing Peep show and thought their take on the nursery rhymes being sexy was a lot of fun and the dancers and singers were great.

Anthony Cools hypnotized people and they had sex with chairs and many dirty things. Another dirty thing was having a guy think he was getting flashed every time he heard his name, but there was more than just that. My mother could have been so easily hypnotized, because he did a test to see if you were able to be hypnotized and she definitely passed it. She didn’t go up on the stage and the people who couldn’t be hypnotized were quickly taken off the stage and he easily signaled out.

Chippendales was a hoot and a half and the women reacting to the half-naked men was worth the price of admission. Amazing Jonathon was a lot of fun too and he had new material that I hadn’t seen on the TV specials.

We had one of our best trips ever and actually got along really well. I took her out to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner, Wolfgang Puck, and Koi, which is inside of Planet Hollywood. Unlike some of our trips before the food was really great this time, and so was the service. We had a really great experience with that as well so I was definitely happy we didn’t end up someplace high-end and have bad service, or bad food, or a combination of both.

My mother is already planning another trip for us to go to, and seems to be travel planning 24/7.