My last Christmas at Work

So, you know, I will be moving away and won’t be at my work next year for Christmas. I will be moved down with my fiancée, away from my family, my job, my people I call ‘friends’, but it’s going to be a new adventure and I will be closer to the Ocean. And, one thing about me I discovered years ago is that I could spend literally an entire day in the Ocean swimming if given a chance. It’s going to be new, scary, and a completely different change but if it’s what we need to do for the man to have a better opportunity with his career, then it’s what we gotta do.

I don’t know if my Mom’s happy because she’s putting on a brave face while simultaneously stressing me out about everything I have to do. Getting another massage license, making sure we have our wedding, figuring out what things can move with him and what other things I will have to move back in with my folks, and lots more. I’m not sure if my brother even realizes I’m getting married because he thinks I’m five years old, and I’m his baby sister. My father is clueless, and really doesn’t care either way, but that’s just how he is.

This will be my last Christmas at my work. Which, would make sense if I didn’t do anything for the girls I work with since I’m just leaving in the end.

I don’t do anything that makes sense.

I got gifts for my spa girls and several others gifts for a hair stylist who I enjoy talking to and a nail technician I’ve known for the three years I’ve worked there. I’m making Christmas cards for pretty much every one I work with, even managers. There’s no point to it, right? I’m just going end up leaving and they will strike me off their list … yet, I don’t care. It’s more important to me to say what I want to say this Christmas through the cards before anyone finds out I have to leave. And, it’s going to be about 4-5 months before I utter a word about it, and that will be when I’m giving my 2 weeks notice.

I’ve been getting emotional writing in the Christmas cards. I get emotional every time my fiancée takes about the move, which I don’t mean to get upset, and I know that’s discouraging for him, it’s just a big step.

Trying to put Christmas into our busy schedule

Well, to say the least this year I’m done with my shopping early (like usual) and recently gave my brother his birthday presents. But, Christmas was not given to him, yet, my mom gave my brother all of his gifts in one shot while I still have quite a few more for Christmas. We are all kind of busy this year, me and my mom are going to Las Vegas soon, my brother will be going down to visit his Uncle and Aunt over actual Christmas, and I will be visiting my fiancée’s family over Christmas time.

Our schedules are kind of full, add to that I’m tempted to pick up more hours and we are pigeon-holed into maybe meeting up near the New Year.

My mother just looked at me and my brother with narrowed eyes and said, “Hey, I’m done. All of your gifts are here for Christmas and  for your birthday. You two will need to meet up and have to get this done.” My brother and I looked at each other and just shrugged our shoulders. I don’t know quite how to drive anywhere outside of the places I normally go to, he has a job, I have hours I might pick up, and a vacation I’m going on, and finally a visit to his parents that I took at least one day off from work to spend time with them. And, let’s not forget my brother will be far away from us come actual Christmas Day.

Who knew you would have to try to fit Christmas into your schedule?

How the hell did I end up in a Christmas flash mob?

Wow, something weird happened today. So, I went to the mall to walk around, waste some time, I didn’t go over to my folks like I normally do because my mom had a work meeting to go to so I decided to stay at the apartment. I will just have to deal with my dirty laundry and save it until next week to wash. There was something weird going on, there were lights, there were cameras, and a bunch of people with name tags walking around. All the stores and shops I wanted to get into had a ton of cable on the ground, or I was scared I might possibly get stuck in the epicenter of it all.

There was this escalator that seemed to be the start of it and this girl who kept walking around and all that. Everyone just stood by the railing and stared, and I went to it several times and didn’t see anything of interest either.

There was lights, cameras, but no action.

Then, it happened. Music came on so loud that everyone kind of stopped, and those in stores ran out. Lip synching happened with the music and suddenly people were emerging from all over the place. There were people dancing and just singing and I couldn’t find a way to get out of their way. I kind of did a circle in one spot and then glued myself to the mall wall.

I was rather scared of all the dancing, singing, frolicking people.

I thought I might be trampled by them. The normal folks around me stood there just as aloof as I was. There were cameras chasing after the hoards of people who were lip synching to the Christmas song and I just didn’t want to be in it. It finished with a grand finale of the huge group of people singing choir style. One lady made eye contact with me with a what the hell is going on?? look on our faces as she exclaimed, “I’m just trying to find a way to get out of here!”

So, if you ever had something on your bucket list like being in a flash mob I just inadvertently accomplished that for you.

The Tree is up! It is decked out in Vegas lights.

As you may all know, and are very much aware, my fiancée just loves Christmas. It is his time of year, his birthday follows around the corner, but he isn’t as unlucky as my poor brother who has it right during the month of Christmas so he generally gets everything lumped together that is called ‘Christmas’ and is told, “Oh… yeah, the Christmas wrap… that’s for your Birthday too!”  Though, ever since I have gotten a job, whether it has been decent paying, or like my first one, minimum wage, I have spoiled my brother in both categories.

My fiancée is all about the tree. Not the crappy attempt at wrapped presents that I made underneath the tree, not even the ornaments which are pretty and all ‘fancy ornaments’, the ones he likes. No, he likes the Vegas showgirl lights on the tree.

And that he can read his book from the lights on the tree.

While, you know, me, I’d just like the tree to have a few sets but otherwise not go too crazy on it. We were part way into the whole lights thing, and I didn’t even know this, so he asked me how the tree looked. I said, well, dear, I think that it has more than enough lights. To which he gave me a shocked, horrified expression, as if I stepped on a puppy Santa had given me himself, and told me, “We are putting more lights up, I just wanted to know where on the tree it was still dark where it needed to be covered.”

Never mess with a man who is obsessed with lights, we put on like three more strings after that.

It feels nice to have the tree up, and I’m personally more impressed with the spread of presents I have underneath it. There is stuff for my brother (of course, I am like Santa Claus with how much I get him), stuff for my fiancée, and stuff for my co-workers. I know what you may be thinking… Presents for your co-workers? I can’t stand working with the people I work with! I mean, I’m barely able to stand them at work and I try my best to ignore them but they are like the worst! Well, I do love my co-workers quite a bit, especially my little estheticians who spend the most time with me back in the Spa, crack me up, and are part of the reason I have so much fun back there.

Getting gifts for my co-workers is one of my most favorite parts about Christmas. I can be totally creative with them, I can get them whatever I want, yet I know their tastes and what they do/don’t like, and I don’t have to call them up to make sure. My family can be so difficult with what I get them, and my brother is a party pooper with most of his gifts being gift cards.

Even if this year will be the last Christmas with my girls from work because the man’s job will move, I’ve decided this doesn’t mean I can’t spoil them. If I have to move, which it’s looking a lot like I will, I’m going to do everything I want to do for them with no regrets. My spa girls mean a lot to me, they’ve been a sounding board the few times I feel like talking about my life, and they’ve been my help when I’ve been behind. I’ve even gotten gifts for a hair stylist I enjoy talking to, and a nail technician I’ve known since I’ve started working at my work. All of them I’d call my friends, so as a friend of Sarah’s, they get to be spoiled by me.

Needy families need the gift of giving

So, my work is generally all about us doing stuff for the environment, or helping out with things, or giving donations, we are pretty good about that. But, this year was the first year that we adopted a needy family. Well, the one family was quickly snatched up with our giving tree so we had another one which is also all gone too with the little mini trees with what they need.

It was one of the cutest things that one of my co-workers did. She grabbed several trees with needs on them and one of them was for a little girl who wanted a Barbie. So, she not only got her a Barbie, but she got her a Barbie who does her profession. A hairstylist Barbie, which I thought was so nice and neat and she kept on exclaiming, “It really works! The shampoo bowl works and everything! Plus, they can color hair and all that.”

So, I went up to the posted trees and grabbed my own tree. It was for a grocery store and I just recently, like yesterday, got the gift card for the person I never met and got the cutest little gift card, it was an adorable little penguin. I gave my gift card to my manager today so she can give it to the place that will give our gifts to the needy families. We are also doing a canned food drive as well for a pantry.

My Christmas shopping is pretty much all done. I know what you’re thinking… “She’s a freak! She got all her shopping done? Before Thanksgiving?! No way!” Well, I hate dealing with the crowds went it starts getting close to Christmas and being trampled by animals-tic shoppers looking for the perfect deal. I’ve always been an early shopper, the key to it is just being done with it after you get everything for everyone, instead of buying more and more gifts on top of what you’ve already finished with. My brother’s birthday is coming up very soon too and I’m all finished for his birthday. And I think that I’m done for Christmas with his shopping.

Tomorrow is going to be mine and my fiancée’s two-year anniversary since we first met. It seems like we’ve been together for so much longer than that and I don’t know how I haven’t had him always in my life. He’s my rock when I need someone to lean on, and he helps me to calm down and feel at peace when he’s around. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my life than to spend it with him. I knew he was the one for me since the moment I saw him and it’s been history ever since then.

Santa ate the Thanksgiving turkey

I know that the man is over-killed with stuff at work, buried with what he does, and is absolutely overworked when one of his favorite holidays is put on the back burner. He’d normally have my gifts, his gifts he got for my mom, and his family, pretty much done by now. Instead, he hasn’t gotten anything done. Our evenings together are spent with him taking work home with him and doing it while we watch T.V. I came home to an empty apartment tonight… he’s off to another job interview and is on an airplane right now. I will be lucky if he gets back tomorrow, I hope he does.

Seems like every year Thanksgiving is skipped over to start the whole Christmas thing. I don’t mind Thanksgiving and it’s one of the least stressful holidays we have, though still stressful. It’s also the one my whole family has off, since both me and my mom work weekends and every weekend seems to be the time Christmas is. Every time pretty much, while I don’t know how that works year in and year out.

I’ve already gotten pretty much all of his presents for Christmas already. I still need to get a few more things for my brother, and a couple of things for my girls at work, and maybe a little something for his Mom too, and I will be all set.

Our roles have reversed, Mr. Crazy-about-Christmas has been beaten out by, yours truly, the Grinch for getting gifts. I’m not a fan of Christmas, never have been since I was a kid, but I want to try to like it more since the man loves it so much. He’s so passionate about it, and like a little kid in a candy store whenever Christmas comes around. While I generally can’t wait for it to be done with and for whatever family holiday fight will happen that year to be over with.

My mother has been saying lately, “What Christmas? How can we have Christmas when everyone is going to be gone? I could care less about it, blah, blah…” because not only will I probably be gone this year for Christmas Day, but my brother is going to be visiting his Uncle through Christmas Day this year. She is all bummed out because we both are going to be gone, yet that doesn’t mean I’m still not going to get gifts for Christmas for my brother. My mom is just going to be re-wrapping stuff she gave him last year that he didn’t want and didn’t take home with him. She was also talking about different ways to annoy him, like wrapping his own clothes he left at their place and giving it back to him.

This is why I end up getting my brother everything on ‘the Christmas list’ he ends up giving me. I know my mother will re-gift every little thing he didn’t like and give it back to him. It’s pretty funny, but they both are so stubborn that it keeps on going year after year.

The List of “I want this… now!”

Restaurants are a must for the list!

Every Christmas, like clockwork, my brother makes his needs wants well-known for what me and my mom should get him… which ends up mostly being me. I feel somewhat bad for him because his birthday is right around when Christmas is. Oh, and the man’s birthday is very near to Christmas too, what a coincidence, huh? I swear, my brother and the man have more qualities similar than they’d like to admit. Part of those qualities is being very difficult to buy for.

My brother gives me the list of gift cards to buy for him. This includes a grocery store gift card, a fast food chain gift card, and last year I got him a nice restaurant gift card that could be used at multiple locations.

He then used that gift card I got him on his other sister. I feel a bit of a burn from that, but will still end up getting him a ton of stuff any ways.

This year I already got one item from the list. He wanted a Queen, black, plain sheet for his bed. He keeps asking for this sheet but I refuse to give this to him until his birthday. My mother already gave away her furry Alpaca feeling blanket she got for him, I will not cave in beforehand. He won’t die without it and that means one less thing to get on his ‘List.’ If you try to get anything that is not on the list he will stick his nose up at it and you will regret spending your money on the object. And, most likely, you will stupidly take off the tags so now there’s no way of getting that money back.

The man doesn’t give me a list, but there’s an unseen ‘list’ to adhere to for him too. Pretty things, but they have to be his style, and he told me a few electronic things like a steamer which I’m not exactly feeling. I did find something cute for our anniversary and I’m thinking of going someplace for it too. The question is, where to go?

And, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about my brother and the man. I’m not the best to get gifts for anyways. The problem with me is that I don’t ask for anything, and I don’t really want/need anything. I hate asking for things even if it is a gift and I think that anything the man comes up with is perfect, my brother takes my not asking for anything as a loophole in the system. He has to be told some kind of gift card he can get for me or else then he ends up getting nothing because he can’t think up of anything. Or, well, I’ll give him that excuse.

The last gift I got my brother that he was super excited about was this face cleanser from my work. He immediately hopped in the shower, used the products, and came up saying, “My face feels all tingly.” Well, I don’t think it’s supposed to tingle, but he was pretty dang excited about it that I let him say what he wanted.