Can I just…? No!

I will admit it, yesterday was a rather rough day. Besides not meeting my retail goal, not selling to a single client the past two days, being completely booked, having someone steal a client from me to sell them retail (happens more often than you think) I was feeling like getting the hell out of there. I was at my limit, feeling worn, torn, under appreciated, and ready to run to my ‘weekend’ without working.

Then, it happens … I’m cleaning up, minding my own business, shutting things down, when I hear a voice.

First off, I thought I was alone, so lucky thing I wasn’t singing, or cursing at the sky, or anything like that. I turn around and see one of the front desk girls poking her head in my room. I’m not going to lie, she’s off the clock, on her day off, and my eyebrows probably raised and then turned into a scowl after she asked her question.

“Oh, wow, look at you, you’re open, you’re never open. I was just wondering, you know, if you had a minute, you could do like a 10 minute chair massage on me?” 

 Huh, hmmmm, I didn’t even think of my response. I just blurted it straight out, with eyebrows well-knit together in a what-the-hell-are-you-thinking look that said I am so done with this day! I basically said back to her what came to mind,

My shift was over like 50 minutes ago and I’m only here because I’m cleaning up, and then heading home. No, I’m sorry, I can’t do your chair massage because I’m over my shift.”

I don’t think she expected to be turned down, I don’t think she’d have it in me to do it. Yeah, I do, especially with a day where your mother comes in to get her hair done and says basically you are the worst daughter ever. Complains to everyone with an open ear how she just never massages you, and even though she does when you don’t tick her off, you don’t say anything good about her. You mainly complain about how she puts restrictions on what you say (Don’t talk about the man traveling, us moving, anything to do with him whatsoever) and later on tries to guilt you even further with the girl who is throwing your bachlorette party.

My mom tells me health issues with my friend who is throwing it and I don’t know how to react it. I know she’s pregnant, and her health isn’t the best, but she was the one who came to me to say her and a friend of mine are doing it. And my mother asked her if she still wanted to do the party, which she has asked many, many times to me.

If she didn’t want to do the party she wouldn’t offer. I’m done talking about it and if they want to do it, that’s fine, if they want to back out, that’s fine too. I didn’t ask for a party. I never once said to anyone, hey, why don’t you throw me a party? I don’t like anyone doing anything for me because I never want to owe that person a favor. Either way I’m getting baby gifts for my one friend and I bugged her to post an online registry because I need to get her gifts before I have to move. I’d rather do things for the people I care about just because I feel like it.