Romantic at the Heart of It

In a couple of months it’s going to be the man and I’s 2 year anniversary. Since he’s quite a romantic, and so am I, I’ve been trying to brainstorm what we should do for it. He’s had chocolates dropped off at my work before for our anniversary, has gotten me flowers, I’m definitely very lucky. It’s just that I don’t quite what would be the right surprise, and what he’ll like the most.

Should it be a romantic dinner and going to some place really nice? A show that we both can check out together? A night in where I try to cook him dinner? Us doing something together that we’ve never done before?

The first time I cooked something for the man was an omelet that I thought I was going to wow him with. We had an electric stove so I placed the glass plates that I was going to use on one of the burners I seemed to think was off. I was flipping the omelets with expert precision and everything was going well until I heard a loud pop.

There was an explosion, glass went everywhere, including cutting me on my hand. The glass plate became projectiles and luckily he didn’t get hurt, but I did. All of my hard work on the eggs had to be tossed out because glass pieces got inside of the hot pan too. I had to redo the omelets and they weren’t as good as my first production. I was very flustered and kept on apologizing for my ditsy move, especially since we had only been dating for a few weeks.

I thought I had blown it with him, obviously I hadn’t, but I was so worried. My intentions were in the right place, but my execution was terrible. Never put glass on a hot electric stove burner, that is just a recipe for disaster! So, that is how it works with my cooking. I either explode glass into tons of little pieces, I over cook, under cook, and end up throwing out my own creations. While he’s like a cook, and a baker, and everything in one. He can even make cookies from scratch. Which, to me, is like amazing.

And they taste amazing too, he made a huge batch of homemade cookies for my work last year. I ended up sharing the cookies I wasn’t as crazy about, while I hoarded the ones that were super tasty. I think maybe we will try to make cookies this year and I’m going to do more than just watch him and being the first to taste test the batches that come out.

I think that is on the list of what we can do together this year. We could maybe try doing a cooking class together so I could learn how to not explode things in the kitchen, but I think I get territorial over the kitchen when I’m in it. I get very self-conscious when someone is watching me and then I make even more mistakes because I’m super nervous. I asked the man what he might want to do and he responded with a “I don’t know”, so I’m trying to brainstorm what would be some really cool ideas. He always takes care of me, so I want to do something special in celebration of our 2 year anniversary.