A different kind of bang

Since the move I’ve taken more of a ‘why not?’ outlook on life with trying new things. I think to myself how can it hurt? This is why I tried handgun shooting with my husband, something I could never see myself doing. I tried it and it wasn’t for me or my husband. Which is why when we recently went skeet shooting I was a little apprehensive and maybe a tid bit scared.

The sound of multiple shot guns going off for the first time in my life combined with the empty shells that flew at you from all sides was like stimulus overload. Holding a gun didn’t feel right, trying to figure out how to shoot it without hurting myself was a lot more complicated than I thought.

We went to a skeet shooting range seeming to be abandoned except for a man and his son. The shotgun was much bigger, heavier, with huge bullet shells. I put in my ear plugs expecting the noise to be just as loud as the indoor handgun shooting range but it wasn’t. The sounds of shots being fired echoed outside with the skeet shooting and didn’t put my nerves on edge as much. Of course, my husband went first and I got to control the clay pigeons coming out of the brick house.

It seemed simple enough to arm, and even simple enough to put the safety on. I’m guessing my husband was prepared for me not to want to shoot but I did. He loaded up the gun for me, and I shouted out pull! He’d ask me high or low, which basically meant left or right, but I said whatever way because I wasn’t going to hit those fast moving clay pigeons. I started to really get into it and didn’t even mind the kick back of the gun hitting my shoulder.

I loved trying to hit the flying targets and immediately got how to put the safety on even with no bullets left. It was just such a difference between my first time with handgun shooting indoors and outdoor skeet shooting. The rifle is definitely a powerful weapon but it was really a great experience for me and my husband and I’m glad I gave it a try.

I hope that we can find more new things to try out and enjoy. I will be doing my very first byob painting class this weekend and I’m excited about that too. There’s so much to experience in life and the only thing that can hold me back is myself, so I definitely say bring it on and try it out.