I don’t even have to say, “Boo!”

Just imagine me waiting to spook you from behind this...

We have this running gag between me and the girls. We really do like to scare each other back there and most of the time when I do scare one of my favorite girls it’s actually not on purpose.

I have the quietest shoes ever.

One of my favorite things is to scare the new girls we just hired by either A) sneaking up behind them B) dancing behind them or the never fails tactic of C) just being myself. It is a right of initiation for every newly hired employee to be put through my weirdness and hope to survive at the end of the day. My favorite is dancing behind them, which many a person has pleaded to me, “Sarah! Stop it, you are scaring the poor girl!” Come on, my mad dance moves are many things, but scary in not one of them.

The spa can be a lot of fun. We always creep up on each other, or throw ourselves out at the perfect moment to run into someone, or just lay down on the floor and wait for you to look down and be creeped out because you had no clue anyone was in your room. I believe our domain of the Salon is incredibly humorous since we take advantage of the low lighting and weird music.

Plus, lack of clients back there sometimes helps. And the fact that we have rooms and can close the door or have some privacy to scare properly.

There are two estheticians, both are my favorites at the Spa, who continually try to up the ante on scaring each other. There was a perfect example today where one of them went into the other’s room to steal some laundry and she kept on calling out, “Hey! I know you are hiding, come on out! You aren’t scaring me this time!” I finally ended up telling her that she need not be paranoid, the other girl was up at the front and was not lying there waiting for the perfect moment to grab her leg.


Will (literally) work for food!

Don't worry, I'll eat your scraps...

Okay, so I was a little spoiled a little bit ago at work where I gave out two massages to two of the gals at work. I was extremely bored, didn’t have too busy of a day, so took them back in my room and did some work on the table. Well, with the one gal she ended up getting me lunch, which I was so excited about that I think my eyes were about ready to pop out of my head. She told me she’d get me lunch and then I heard one of them say, “Whoa, Sarah, maybe you should sit down…” It’s just I don’t treat myself to too much when it comes to food and I basically never go out to get lunch. I bring in frozen food meals, thankyouverymuch.

I lucked out with some lunch, but then I promised one of the girls I’d give her a tune-up massage after she got off from work so I did a little something something for her. And, in return, she got me a cupcake. But, not just any cupcake, like chocolate or vanilla, but a special kind…

A s’mores cupcake, I absolutely love marshmallow. The only way to make it better is to mix it with peanut butter!

After all of this showering of food I kind of felt like the whole “Will work for food” was literally me. I was so excited and happy, because normally I’m the one getting little gifts and special things for my girls at work when they aren’t feeling that well. None of them know what I’m going through personally (my fiancée’s job, he’s basically gone all this week, coming home for a little bit, leaving for next week, his job is in jeopardy, we may be moving, he is totally stressed out and scared, the wedding is on hold until we know what’s happening, etc, etc.) but it was a nice little pick-me-up. Especially since I was going home and ate my lunch I got for dinner that night.

Oh, and today I had the most awesome pumpkin cake with the most delish homemade frosting… like, ever! Fortunately, it was awesomely tasty, unfortunately I couldn’t stop at one slice and ate about four of them. My bad. Then my stomach felt like I dropped a brick in it after eating all of those slices and massaging afterwards. It was so worth it though, and if I could do it all over again, I’d probably eat another slice.

My hair called a truce

There’s been this problem with my hair that has bothered me for several months. My mother felt my hair during this time and gasped, looked at me funny, and exclaimed, “Sarah, your hair is like the best part about you!”

Wow, mom, didn’t know that the best thing about me is a great head of uncolored, virgin, straight hair. My hair can annoy me because it basically battles against me, and wins, when I try to style it. You flip it out and it flips in, you flip it in and it flips out. The most stubborn part of me must be my head which is the site of the growth of my hair so it just likes to say screw you to me if I do anything more than just letting it air dry.

It seems to me that it has finally relented. My hair has called a truce, I think. Or, it’s just trying to get reinforcements to battle me for what is going to be an all out war. It could be fooling me, though I hope not.

I have been using high end shampoo and conditioner from my work that I got from our back order. It is good stuff, high-end, and smells very nice without making the man sick by sniffing my hair. This is a win+win!  But, ever since I have been rinsing, washing, conditioning, and all that my hair turned into a gooey mess. It’s like a film is being left over, plus, when it gets to be its worst it feels like I washed my hair with marshmallow fluff.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love marshmallow. I love marshmallow fluff, but I do not love it if it feels like my hair has been soaking in it. I switched out the high-end stuff for Head and Shoulders, went to Suave, tried to do everything. I talked to the hair dressers and their lips curled up in disgust as I told them about my lower end alternatives of Head and Shoulders/Suave. I was ready to literally throw in the towel and maybe just shave my hair right off like a crazed Britney Spears. But, I talked to another gal and she told me to use more shampoo then just a little bit and it should wash out better.

This is what I have been doing, and it seems like it may be working. I really do want to keep on using the high-end stuff if he’s not allergic to it, because it just feels very “la de da” using it and I love that feeling. I know, I know, I’m such a product whore, I can’t help it!

Give me the pretties!

This is my form of a pretty

The man kind of has a fascination with ‘pretty’ things. He says that’s why he picked me, because I’m a pretty myself. I don’t exactly believe him, especially after a rough work week and I look like walking death, but he’s very sweet.

He likes strange-looking trees, and things that sparkle and glitter. It always kind of gets me to laugh when we will be walking by and say there is some stained glass and he will just stop and stare at it. And… then take pictures. I can’t judge him because if a butterfly flies in front of my face, and stops at a nearby flower, I am so on top of that and taking pictures with my little camera phone. He’ll eventually sit himself on a bench because I won’t leave until it flies away.

Or, well, if he drags me away…

So, I told him to get started on looking at wedding bands so I have an idea what he wants and more importantly, how much it costs. So, his tendency for going after ‘pretties’ doesn’t stop with me, he’s looking at all sorts of bands with stones inside of it. He’s shown me a few of them and they are definitely unique, and he’s leaning more towards opal I think. Which, opal is one of my favorite stones since I was just a kid. I love the fire within the stone that changes with the sunlight.

He’s kind of funny though, he’s the opposite of me so he shares everything going on with his life with everyone. So, he says that some of the guys are teasing him at work about choosing the stones and all that. They are telling him that they think it’s a little too ‘girly.’ Which, I’m trusting him to see that line, but still get something that he really likes.

I’m going to mangle this $3,500 or so pendant that I got years ago and remove the diamonds from it to make my wedding band. The diamond chips in it are pretty good sized so I’ll have the diamonds go around in the circle for the band. Well, that’s going to be my idea. I never wear the pendant because it really isn’t my style, so I thought I’d make good use of it turning it into my wedding band so I can wear it all the time. We haven’t gone to any jewelers yet to see what they say, but I’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult. And, it’d be a lot cheaper for him to do so we have more money to save for the honeymoon.

I’ve never had to deal with thinking about rings, what I want, what to do, I generally don’t wear them. With my career it’s just inconvenient, and I end up leaving my engagement ring at home every day that I work. The man is so funny with his research for the perfect ring and within the ‘budget’ I set for it. Which is less than $400, which I’m thinking is still reasonable.

I get people to laugh at work when they ask when my wedding is. Seriously, I’m just starting to say instead of “eventually” that they should re-ask me in about December or January. I won’t know the dates until 3 months out, it’s the way of the beast with choosing the venue I want. It’s gonna be last second (at least in my terms it is) and I’ll sign in blood to get my time off.

A picture says it all

Let’s just say I’m a little too tired to write too much. The trip was amazing, but I came back kind of worse for wear especially with my first day back to work. I was a mess. And, I haven’t had time to unpack fully since we got home very late on Thursday because of standby flying issues.

I also have just barely been able to start reading up on my blogs I follow, I didn’t have any internet access and he and I stayed pretty disconnected with our phones, lap top, etc. (Except for him and his GPS, and his work seeming to call him every day on our trip.)

Here’s some of the pictures from the trip. More to come, don’t worry!

Like a bull on steroids

I’m about as domesticated as a bull on steroids. I would think that wouldn’t be too domesticated, so that’s pretty much how I am. I don’t cook, I don’t bake, I don’t really clean, I don’t dust, I don’t do a lot of stuff that would ‘domesticate’ me. Now, does this mean I don’t help out with our apartment at all? Nah, of course not, I’m sure any person would get sick of doing everything themselves while the other person just kind of kicks back and relaxes, watching the one person toil over an oven with full view of the TV in front of them.

I like to do stuff because I don’t get asked to do it.

Wait, what? Yes, you read it, I don’t like to get asked to do stuff. I don’t like to be asked to do something at work so I make it my mission to already do it so if they do ask me, hey, can you do it? I can say, “Yeah, yeah, read your mind, already done! Ha!” When I went over to the folks to do my laundry (screw paying for it, I’ll keep on making the trek over there for a while) I did a quick clean and sweep. Garbage, thrown down the shoot, replaced the bag, put away clean dishes, put in dirty dishes into the dishwasher and then headed out.

Oh, and a dishwasher? Took me a while to figure that out. I’m stuck in ancient time where everything was done by hand. The first time I did a dishwasher run for the man I turned the bowls right-side up and all the water collected in the bowl instead of running off. Whoops. He laughed at me and my feathers got ruffled because I tried to do something nice and he was making fun of me.

So, whenever I do a domesticated act I always ask him if he appreciates it. He always says yes, and I try to always say when he does something to help out, or help me out, or make my day easier, a big thank you because I know that it goes both ways.

More money, more problems

My brother has this thing about interviewing for jobs which is kind of funny. It’s definitely uniquely him too, because while I may interview and I have no idea except maybe they liked me, but probably not, he has this overconfidence. He finishes up with an interview, and you’ll call him up, and he’ll be so excited and basically say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, they loved me! I’ll be hired next week, it went perfect, of course, it’s me!” I can’t even count how many times he’s done this because I think it’s been after every single interview. He is just brimming with confidence and is so sure he has got it.  Now, how many of those jobs actually did hire him?

Ummm… not so many…

But, he recently had a job interview and was very excited about possibly being hired for it. He was, as me and my mother call it, twitterpated. My brother seems to have this wanderlust, it’s always greener, kind of outlook for things. While, with me, I’m a very loyal person and like to stick where I’m at. My brother for the longest time talked about leaving where we live to live someplace else for many years, which is not okay with me, because I need to have him around. If he had to eventually relocate I would understand, but I’d still want him to be here.

I just found out that he did get the job that he interviewed for. Supposedly, he will be making more money than his last job, but it will definitely have a lot more responsibilities. I thought that with his job that he had currently that he seemed to be not exactly happy, he was definitely more content than any of his other jobs. I’m just hoping he will be as happy as he can be with the new working situation.

If I just did my career for the money, and the money alone, I’d be long gone from it. If all that mattered to me was to make the most money, massage would be the last thing I’d go after. Maybe you can make a lot when you have your own spa, and you are a one woman show, but even then I’m not sure. I’d think the overhead might catch up with you even if the money goes straight to your pocket, a lot would come out of your pocket to keep your own business going. To say it’d be tempting to have your own hours, not have your lunch disappear from your shift, have control of when, where, what, is very true. I’m also realistic that there are cons and pros to it.

This career is what I do because I have a passion for it. A definite love for it. I have pride, confidence, and an ability in what I do that makes me cocky, yet also quite happy in it. When my clients leave and I can see there’s a change in them, a lightness in their step, it definitely makes what I do special and unique. Sometimes, some people leave and they never quite relaxed. It’s not my fault, I tried my darndest, gave my all, and that’s all you can ask with each session, and each client I have.

Don’t you wish your vacation was hot like me?

I remember the last trip than man and I last went on. It was in Washington, D.C. for a bit, Virgina, and the weather was so hot it was unbearable. All we did was sweat all day long, walk and walk, and even at night the humidity still stuck around so it still was as hot as hell out there.

Sedona, Arizona, is generally pretty pleasant and cool. But, I’ve been checking out the weather and the whole week that we’re there it’s supposed to be in the 90s or so. We’re leaving this Sunday, which has me feeling that whole jittery, excitable, and really, this is happening? feelings going on. I started up a check list so I won’t forget to bring something with, but it’s a vacation… forgetting something is part of the plan! I always leave at least one thing I need behind, but hopefully this time I won’t need whatever I forget, if I do forget it, too much.

At work I’ve been feeling the burnout, and the general people just taking advantage of me and all that so I need a break. Sometimes you just need to get away from what you do to maybe come back with fresher eyes and a renewed strength to tackle it.

My mom is already trying to get me to commit to going to another trip during December, around Christmas time. I put the time in for being requested off with my work but it takes them months to give me the time off… which is mainly them just never coming across the piece of paper and blocking my time off for when I asked the time off. I’ll keep on annoying them until they do it though.

Here’s the plan for what we’re doing on the trip:

  • Red Rock Jeep Tour
  • Ghost Tour, maybe?
  • Train ride
  • Relaxing, relaxing… oh, yeah, relaxing!

‘Skinny’ is a dirty word?

This or That? I'll take That.

I want it. The girls at work want it, my managers wants it, my clients want to have it. Acquire it, become it, transform themselves into it. They eat kosher hotdogs with no bun, self-made salads at home, don’t even eat a lunch but a little bit of crackers and hummus and that’s good. They talk about how stressed they are, then say on the plus side that since they are stressed in may make them lose a few pounds. So, of course, this is a definite plus. I look at them, and they are beautiful. Certain body parts they have I envy, or like my friend I met with on Sunday, she is like gorgeous. But, totally denies it.

I do too. I want that. I’ve wanted that since I went from a tiny little girl, tall, leggy, skinny, and I hit puberty and became… this. Which means I got curves, ballooned out, was the first to get a chest in my class, and went from around 100 pounds, or less, to 190 or so. But, luckily, I got the height to cover it and the extra stuff gets placed in places I don’t mind (like the chest, my butt) but I still have places I do mind, which is say, my thighs. 

I’ve always been told to lose weight. I’ve always been told since I changed from that tall little lanky girl to what I am now what a transformation it was. My mother was a big pusher for it, my father, my brother, everyone. I felt I wasn’t right, if I just lost those pounds maybe I’d acquire perfection. Maybe I’d come across the guy of my dreams then, he’d take a look at me, see how skinny I was and how I shed what I was, and just say, “Wow.”

But, it didn’t happen like that. He had lost a ton of weight, I hadn’t, he looked at me and said “Wow” because I’m guessing my personality just shined. I was feeling super sassy with a chocolate martini in my hand and the moment I looked at him I knew I wanted him. Yet, I also knew I didn’t want to date. So, I was mean to him, and he didn’t give up. Now, he’s having a struggle with the weight issue and wanting it off, and it being difficult. I don’t know how to help him with it, besides saying I love him, and I’m here for him. To tell you the truth I’m not even sure what to do about my obsession with weight that I try to quench.

It’s just never-ending that even when I lose weight, and I do good, and I’ve made a change in my life for the better to watch what I eat and be more aware… it’s not enough. I’ve lost about 15-20 pounds depending on the day and have kept it off for months and months. Sometimes I want to push myself past that. There was a moment in my life where I had lost 40-50 pounds, and was at the skinniest I had been since when I was that lanky little girl. Even with all that weight lost (mainly by not eating) I was still only a size 10-12.

Losing all that weight was because I was incredibly depressed, for many reasons: death, not being able to get anywhere in my life, an abusive boyfriend, which was the first one I ever had too, on top of so many other things. I didn’t have the will to eat. It was kind of rough, I was a shell of the person who I knew I was.

I love my girls at work, and they are beautiful. Some of them are just drop dead gorgeous, and totally skinny. But, even the skinny ones want to be even more skinny. They think they are fat. And I tell them, you are so pretty, and what are you saying you are fat/need to lose weight/aren’t right right now? And they kind of blow me off when I tell them they are just as pretty as can be.

Of course, in the same sense, like when I was told I was pretty yesterday after I had make-up put on me I basically told them to bug off. I even said that without make-up, no one says anything, never compliments me, nothing, but with it on? You guys all flock to me and think I’m just the cat’s meow. One gal even said I was ‘sassier’ with make-up on. I don’t even know how that happens, except probably I felt a little annoyed that I never get any attention when I’m ‘normal’ Sarah being told I’m pretty, only when I’m ‘made-up’ Sarah. Plus, I’m too lazy to put on make-up, I’m just too lazy, and it’s not me.

It’s an up-hill battle. I’ve even tried working out every day of the week for 2-3 hours at once and I lost like… 3-5 lbs. Ridiculous! But, once I changed how I eat, what I eat, and became a little more careful, and stopped exercising like a mad woman, I lost the 15 lbs. I just don’t understand how this works sometimes, and I’m like my girls at work. The grass is always greener on the size smaller pants.