Learn to lean on others

I’m not much of a leaner on others when I need the help, which has caused my husband to proclaim me the worst sick wife ever! When he tells me to sit down I stand up, and when he tells me to eat more food lately I just tend to pick at it and give the food a funny look. My appetite has been off since the attack on the plane without snakes but rather my mind attacking my body and brain. My husband has been trying, (unsuccessfully), to get me to eat more but all I can do is start to eat and barely eat half.

The only thing that seems to hit my appetite is the Starbucks that my husband surprises me with. Now, mind you, I never was a coffee person until I met him and lately his Starbucks runs for me have helped me with a sore throat and my pounding headaches I’ve been getting.

A number of people on the plane guessed out loud that I was possibly pregnant when I uttered at the end that I felt like throwing up. This is literally impossible which I’ve tried to explain to people who come across that conclusion, but for something to stick with me as long as it has without letting up I’m not sure what the issue is.

Thus, even though I never lean on anyone I’m having to tell myself to. I’m letting someone pick up my shifts at work and to help me out there, and trying to be a better patient for my husband even though I know I’m awful. I’m not used to taking it easy, and this whole needing to lean on other people is extremely difficult yet it’s something I need to do to hopefully get better.

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  1. The dr’s appt didn’t shed any light on it? I’m wondering if it’s sinus related…and I’ll feeling similar myself! (without benefit of plane ride)

    • Not really any light shed on it from the specialist. And the Dr.’s bill for going to the emergency room was so ridiculous, thousands of dollars just for them to hit me with a scapulae! They think it was a rare type of migraine possibly, an optical migraine, but luckily if I get a headache it has just been the normal annoying type.


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