Fulfilling A Dream of Mine

budiouphotoAs you may or may not know it has been a dream of mine to have Boudoir pictures taken of me. I was always made fun of for my weight, bullied for my strangeness, so I could never see myself as a model or even being photogenic. I’ve just recently tried to embrace having pictures taken of me especially on vacations because there are so many pictures where I look miserable. And, it’s not that I wasn’t having a good time, it’s just I hate that damn camera and being told not to make ‘that smile.

Needless to say when the day came for my Boudoir photo shoot I was me than prepared, but also extremely nervous. I’m not very good at direction and tend to scowl at any camera pointed in my direction especially when I’m being instructed to smile a different way. With this in mind it seems kind of crazy that I would willingly wear little clothes and have a stranger take pictures of me.

The night before the Boudoir photo shoot was a mess of trying on clothes, tossing them aside, moving to the next, throwing it in a pile, and being a general ball of stress. Clothes I had decided I wanted to wear to the photo shoot turned out to not be okay once I tried them on again and I didn’t quite know what to do at one point. My husband tried to help and he grabbed a blue corset I hadn’t thought about using which turned out good, and luckily I ended up with enough.

My husband agreed to take me to the place for the photos the day of and we ended up there ahead of time. I’m not going to lie that the building looked rather shady, and when I couldn’t find a way into the building my nerves started acting up. Luckily, I got inside, my husband walked with me in, and I got my makeup and hair done.

It’s kind of like a transformation process for me when I wear makeup and definitely with fake eyelashes on. You become like a different person, and changing into my lingerie took it to the next level. The photographer luckily showed me the poses beforehand because if I wasn’t shown to pose a certain way I would probably just stand there awkwardly. Having instructions to follow helped me get out of my head and more in the moment.

When I finally was able to see my pictures from my photo shoot I was amazed with how many I liked, and how many more I even loved. Getting these photos from the shoot wasn’t cheap, but I can’t wait until I can have them in my hands.

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  1. I know you looked sexy and hot! You go girl!


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