An Icy Adventure

058Isn’t it funny how you mention you’re going someplace warm, or tropical, or a place with warm waters that no one asks you why you are going? Yet, when you chose to travel some places that are cold, and sometimes bitterly cold, you get that strange look attached to the question of, “why?” I think that my family thought since I was going to go to someplace cold, and not tropical, for our recent vacation that we were crazy. Oh, and I’d be freezing, which luckily we had some days where it warmed up… A bit.

I was even a doubter of our trip, I’d never really willingly decided to go to a cold place in the dead of winter. My husband wanted it for his big birthday, and I made sure to pack many, many layers of clothes. And a heavy coat, scarves, and two sets of gloves that became quite useful.

One of our first days involved getting up and outside, which we did immediately when we first arrived and we got off the plane. We talked about currency with one of the hotel staff, and learned about new plastic money. I thought the plastic money was a very neat idea, who hasn’t ripped paper money before and then have to put it back together with tape? Yet, the lady at the front desk told us that the new plastic money stuck together so you could end up giving more money than you meant to. I’ve always been fascinated with different currency, which is almost like an oxymoron because I’m great at money, yet I’m awful at math.

We went out in the bitter cold and I ended up doubling up everything I wore. I had a headband on, and ended up wearing a hat over the thick headband. I had not one, but two pairs of gloves on as my husband and I walked into the wind. The wind felt like it was trying to tear off any open skin we had left out for it touch.

The walk was bitter, but the reward turned out to be great. I saw the Niagara Falls for the first time in my life, while my husband was seeing it for a second time. The landscape was like a winter wonderland, and definitely reminiscent of a Christmas postcard. Snow and ice drenched the area, giving it a diamond-like quality as the sun hit it. The deep rumble of the Falls left you with your mouth open just long enough for your teeth to hurt because of the cold.

The American Falls and Canadian Falls seemed so close, and yet so far away from each other. On the American fall side rainbows rose up from the mists of the falls and the sun shining down. I was able to catch the rainbows, and even double rainbows, with my camera. The Canadian Falls were even grander, and the mists they created made the bottom of the Falls impossible to see.

091All I could keep on saying was “Wow” as I was spellbound by the natural beauty. And, of course, I was intensely freezing as I took off my gloves to take pictures and was rewarded with my fingers, and my toes, going numb. Even though the air made my lungs burn because of the frigid air I wanted to stay there longer. I’ve never seen a more beautiful scene in my life of wintertime and just love it. Trees hung over from the weight of heavy icicles, seeming to bow their branches to the sight of the Falls.

We finally had to leave and catch a cab because I stopped feeling my toes, and my feet, and so we made it back to the hotel. I promptly removed my socks and hoped this would give feeling back to my toes and found out tis wouldn’t work. As a last ditch effort to feel my feet again I out my feet in the tub and put lukewarm water in it that seemed to do the trick. I’d never felt so cold in my life, and my hands would later break out because of taking pictures for so long, yet, I’d do it all over again.

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  1. Right!! Everyone expects some sandy beach. This actually happened to me today. I was telling the hubs about these cabins I wanna go to in the mountains. He was like That’s not a vacation! San Diego is a vacation!

    • Ha, so true! I absolutely love the mountains, I find them so majestic and relaxing, that sounds like it would be an awesome trip! You gotta just keep on him to do it, like my husband did with our cold winter trip. 😉

  2. Every destination is interesting. My boyfriend and I went to Iceland in 2010 and had an amazing time there – we got to see Northern Lights, swam in a Blue Lagoon, relaxed in one of Reykjavik’s many geothermal spas, and admired geysers. Yet people were perplexed why we went there… not all vacations should be about the beach with the palm trees.

    • I totally agree, every destination is so interesting and can give you such a different experience and memories. Iceland sounds amazing, that sounds so awesome especially the northern lights, I’d love to see them, and the geothermal spas sound awesome. It sounds like you had a great time visiting there, even if some people were asking why you aren’t there, it only matters if you have a great time. 🙂

  3. Any cool (intersting and exciting) vacation place is a valid place to go. I wouldn’t question, but in the middle of a winter like this last one, I would want the warm place.

    • I know totally what you mean, I would almost always chose a warm weather place but the Falls were so pretty with the wintertime setting! Plus, the wineries, the people, and the food totally hit the spot. I could see me and the Hubby doing this every year, even though I am not a fan of the cold one bit!


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