“I don’t eat salads” What?

saladI must admit, saying this statement will definitely get a reaction every time. Sometimes, I let it slip because a waiter or someone is pushing me to eat a salad. Most of the time, is my husband who just loves to say that his wife doesn’t eat vegetables when people think his vegetables are mine. This time, I was caught saying it at one of our favorite stores to stop by and the man talking to us about them was mentioning how the oils and vinegar didn’t have to be used just on salads.

Me: “Oh, I know, I don’t eat salads. I always use the vinegar for a marinade for meat, it really works good on them.
He laughed, shook his head with pure disbelief on is face and admitted something I could have guessed,
I’ve never heard a woman say that she doesn’t eat salads, I’ve never head that before.
Then, a lady to my left overhearing the conversation butts in, “You don’t eat salads?! Then what do you eat?! You wouldn’t be happy at our house, we eat vegetables every day. My kids can’t leave the table until they’ve finished all their vegetables.”

I said, why yes, pushy lady who I obviously wasn’t talking to I wouldn’t last at your house. I wouldn’t stay at your house if you forced me to eat stuff I wouldn’t eat. She gave me this scathing look up and down, just staring at me in disbelief. As if, a grown woman who refused to eat vegetables just wasn’t supposed to be alive. I also informed her I am a healthy adult, I go in to see my doctor every year and I am not predisposed to anything and I haven’t had any ill health reports.

She ignored me after I made sure to stand my ground, just like I have done since I was a kid. The guy in retail who was talking to me instead gave me a once over, and smiled. He said that he had two daughters just like me, refusing to eat vegetables and fruits, and he had tried to get them to but now he leaves them alone. They are now in college and he worries that they may not be healthy, but he figures they are an adult now and they will figure it out.

319919_1975714788888_1123630225_31682279_2101631656_nI was really happy about this man opening up about his daughters because I know there are more kids, teenagers, adults out there just like me… “picky eaters.” I have been made fun of for what I eat, how I eat, and teased so relentlessly throughout my entire life. It would mess with me so much that when I went to work I would try my best to eat alone. I hated people watching me at work because I was afraid I’d be made fun of, and part of that reason is that I have severe TMJ so eating is always really loud. My jaw pops and clicks so loudly that I can hear it in my ears and everyone else can hear my every bite I make. Another reason was what I ate, and being teased for what I ate it even more difficult to try new things.

I told the man at the store, who was worried about his daughters and their pickiness to just support them as best as he can. And to never, ever, tease them or make fun of them, and don’t put up for anyone else giving them a hard time. I told him that if he leaves them alone, they will probably be like me and become curious about other foods. I’ve tried fruits in my diet I would never have thought to touch, humus, so many new foods because I am genuinely interested in them. There was even a couple of times where I tried meatless foods from one of the vegetarians at my old workplace, and I tried out soy drinks.

The way that woman with the kids at the store treated me is what I was used to. But, the man talking to me honestly was nice. And, I don’t think I will work up to eating a salad, but that’s okay… That’s just me.

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  1. I didn’t use to eat vegetables in my younger days. I craved meat. I could eat 3 times a day. Now when I am older I find I crave vegetables more than anything and I eat very little meat. I believe that your body will tell you what you need.

    • Okay, hSARS the weirdest thing, I never used to eat meat much as a kid, I always went with like grilled cheeses and stuff and went long periods without touching meat. Now, it seems to be all I want, so I do think the body does tell us what we need and want. I am looking forward to trying more vegetables in small batches cooked up my way, especially since I love having fruit so much in my diet.

  2. I am not a salad eater. I will eat one every now and then but I will always and forever be a meat eater. I should start carrying pieces of steak in a bad as a snack

    • Ha, I love it! I loe being a meat eater and it totally works for me, and I absolutely love the idea of carrying pieces of steak as a snack. That sounds totally delicious and just think about your coworkers eaction when instead of going in your lunch bag for a piece of chocolate you bring out a piece of steak instead. 🙂

      • A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for corbnituting!

  3. I love salad. But a good one takes too much work and when eating out, a basic salad just costs too much. I buy salad fixings and half of it goes in the trash because I don’t eat it fast enough. So I just don’t buy the stuff anymore. I love meat. I could eat it all the time. I love fruit. It’s hard to get good fruit in the Midwest. (Originally from the Northwest.) I do like veggies, but I’m picky. I also miss the days when all the veggies were in bins and you measured out what you wanted to buy. Now they are all prepackaged and I can’t get just the amounts I want. I eat to many boxed meals now because the extra I’m forced to get usually ends up going to waste. So the bad stuff in the boxed meals does to MY waist.

    • My husband has had similar problems with his vegetables and them going brown quickly, or with the salads in the frig that if he doesn’t eat them quick enough he has to throw them out. Fruit is something I think that I’ve come across bad kinds before, and now they seem to be better, more ripe, for some reason. And I totally agree with things being prepackaged and either throwing your money away, or having to eat it all yourself. I like eating a boxed meal like a lean cuisine or healthy choice for lunch, or the leftovers of what I cooked the day before. But, of course, with boxed lunches you gotta watch out for the sodium so it’s always a fine line you seem to be playing with food, what to eat, when, and how you are going to prepare it.

  4. I don’t know how true it is, but I have always heard that if your body craves something it is because it needs the nutritional content of that food item. I never ate salads until I became pregnant at 25 and now I love them! Fruits and veggies are something I have to work to incorporate into my daily meals.

    There are other ways to eat fruits and veggies, not just in salads. Healthy desserts, smoothies, adding lettuce or tomatoes to your hamburgers, putting blueberries in your pancakes, whatever. I have never liked white milk and didn’t drink much of it until I began drinking iced coffees.in my twenties (or I’ll treat myself to dunking Oreos but I force myself to drink the small amount of milk afterwards).

    • Yeah, I’ve heard that too that your body craves certain things and that may be what your body needs nutritionally. Isn’t that so interesting how becoming pregnant can change what you chose to eat in the long run too? I’ve heard all sorts of stories from clients about food cravings and I find it so fascinating how you may really want something you’d normally never touch if you weren’t pregnant. I’m better at certain fruits, like I just found out I love navel oranges, I’ve been having two a day!

      Oh my goodness, I totally have the same problem with white milk, I never would drink it either. I don’t think I’m lactose intolerant but I’ve never been a an of drinking a cup of milk, or having it with my cereal. I think that is very true that there are ways you can incorporate stuff in a meal, pancake, whatever it may be and add it with other foods.


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