Being your own boss

013I think that a lot of the people who join my career, or end up in massage school, do it because it sounds like the perfect situation to be your own boss. They want to do it with the idea of going out there with their massage table, pocketing all the money for themselves, and making their own schedule. I also believe I am one of the few people in my career who got into the spa/salon setting and said to themselves, “heck, I think I really love being an employee, having coworkers, and having this all done for me, I’m not interested in going off on my own. “

As I kept on massaging, and building up a client base, and I started to hear more and more clients asking me if I did massage outside of the spa. Some would really push me and see if I’d go to their house, and I said always a definitive “No” to their prodding me. I was extremely loyal to the spa I worked at and just couldn’t see myself driving around with my massage table… I can’t even drive myself to a new place without doing a test run to find out where I’m going.

So, fast forward to now, where for some odd reason I’ve gotten more calls/interviews as a new massage therapist back home than when I’ve moved here. Actually, out of all the resumes I’ve sent I haven’t had a single call call back since I’ve started hunting which has been for months.

That’s the thing about massage, it’s convenience, that all you need is a table, and your hands, plus clients and you are ready. I’m lucky to have my husband work at a big corporation and his coworkers have been asking if I do massage, and if I’d massage them, and this has me seriously thinking by now. There are so many things that scare me about being on my own for massage, getting clientele, having them pay you, finding their home, what equipment do I need, and so many more questions.

If it was super easy every new therapist would massage on their terms and take all of the money for themselves. I know there is overhead, but I don’t know what kind if you are going to a clients house. Honestly, I don’t even know what to charge for a massage to make it easy to build a clientele up, but not sell myself literally short. I know I sound like a new therapist and I don’t sound like someone who has been doing this for four years, but all I’ve had to do is show up at work, check the schedule in the break room, go to my room to set it up and massage.

I think I am really considering this, throwing my massage table in my car, turning on my gps, and taking on a few of my husbands coworkers as my possible clients. I don’t think I’d have a ton of money coming in, but at least a little would be trickling in and it might help me to build back up my confidence. I am really wishing there was an easy book that told me everything I needed to do this, but it seriously is the unknown for me.

This whole move is about the unknown for me, and I have tried to embrace the new changes. With this new year coming at me I wonder what I will be pushing myself to do.

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  1. I used to work in my front room – worked best for me as I could make appointments around my children and the rest of my life…and I didn’t want to lug the table around with me to client’s houses (in and out of the car, up and down stairs etc)
    Didn’t leave the table up all the time – the room wasn’t just my office though that would be ideal I think.

    • I say that having something sow here stationary would be the best case scenario for not lugging stuff all over the place and I would think that would put huge stress on the body, a massage table is not light! I leave up my table in our apartment because we have an extra room and we use it a lot because I’m lucky to have my husband massage me and I massage him back. Thank you for commenting!

  2. You can do it! If it’s something you want to try, then I say go for it!!! 🙂 The worst that can happen is to find out that you don’t like it and then you can move on to something else. But it never hurts to try. I know that I want to be braver this year and try more new things!! 🙂

    • Aww, thank you very much for your encouraging words! I just am at a point now where I feel like a leper when it comes to jobs and worried about not a single place calling me that I’m looking outside my comfort zone. This is what every therapist ultimately wants is to have the money they make for massaging go directly to them. Im seriously thinking about it and I ordered the stuff for my massage table and the supplies I might need for it.

  3. While the only experience I have is receiving massages (and that’s significant, cough), I do have experience going out on adventures of both a personal and professional nature. I’m seldom regretful of the chances I took, so I hope you do give it a shot, and go in knowing you can tweak your terms as you learn and grow. Whatever you establish at the beginning needn’t be your long term framework!

    • I do think that trying something can never hurt, and adventures ae always a good way to help you grow as a person. I think the hardest thing is that act of finding clientele, and pushing yourself to do it and to go to their houses. I think you make some very valid points and you can alays tweak things if they don’t work out in the beginning too. 🙂

  4. I’m working through a backlog of missed blogs, but if people at his company have been asking, it is always plausable that you could contact their HR department to see about contracting out to them, where the people would pay you but they would provide a location on site so that you didn’t have to have people coming into your home. I worked at a company that had a similar set up for a yoga instructor to come in for a weekly yoga class in order to help reduce stress in a high stress profession.

    • I have been playing the catch up game with blogs too lately! The interest in my massaging his coworkers has quieted down, but I do have that in my back pocket if I do want to touch base with massaging outside of my work. I know there are a lot of corporations out there which have massage therapists there to help with those high stress jobs. I think one of these days I might try that out in addition to working at a spa, because that seems to be the way to make a lot of money for yourself. 😉 Thank you for commenting!


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