Online shopping notsomerriment

You can get these online too!

You can get these online too!

There is something about online shopping that makes it way too easy to spend your money than if you are in a store. Or, at least for me it is easier to spend when its online. I’ve always had an aversion to sales people even though I did worked retail as a spa massage therapist. I can understand where they are coming from, heck, I have used their techniques for selling a product.

Yet, get me in a crowd of hungry, deal finding women packed in like a can of sardines and all I can think of is to flee. I really do like shopping alone, in a quiet corner, without anyone near me and in this time of the season that is impossible to find. Online shopping not only becomes a solace for me, it also becomes the perfect breeding ground for discovering new products I’ve never seen before. And, the only salesperson I’m dealing with are those emails constantly reminding me of what I might like.

One of my favorite gifts I’ve gotten was being able to make a canvas out of one of pictures of my favorite city skyline. I was able to do this at a steal thanks to online shopping and the person I got it for loved it. I also was able to turn my own favorite pictures into canvases that I’m hanging on my own wall. It’s fun to see them blown up with all of the details and to be able to hang that picture you love as your very own wall art. Another great gift was making a photo book of our wedding as a gift and that turned out great. Some of my new experiences I’ve been trying my hand at are also because of online shopping and finding it at a good deal.

heart1I can’t help but to think that the ease of online shopping is also slightly dangerous. It can get addictive especially when you order physical stuff and it arrives in a box like Santa Claus delivered it. The ups deliverer becomes like your very own Santa, even though you got these gifts for yourself or others. It can be so exciting to open that box up and you can feel like a big kid.

The only reason why I have such a safety net now is because I am so damn cheap, definitely past the point of frugal, for the past four years. I haven’t eaten out, I’ve only spent money on the necessities, and I have lived at home. So, now I feel guilty spending money online since I haven’t been a shopper for so long. It’s just so easy and somewhat addictive to get deals or gifts with the online shopping, and avoiding the crowds is bonus upon bonus.

So, I say if you have my same problem with slight online addiction watch it carefully and try not to be overtaken by the fabulous deals. Keep your eye on your bank account by checking it out online and write it all down to log how much you are spending. I still try to track everything and put in categories of gifts, restaurants, entertainment, etc to see what I’m spending the most in and being aware of it. Also, if you do have a credit card use that for your online merriment because if you use a debit card it may be stolen with online transactions and it will be easier to stop with a credit card.

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