Just in case travel

plane I’ve always been something of a traveler even when I was a kid and teenager. I dislike spending my money on anything, but what I find is never a waste is using money to travel. I find that it’s even more special when you get to experience a place you’ve never been to before. And, when you tend to travel a lot it helps to have a game plan when things go wrong and you might just have the worst case scenario happen…

You know, like getting stuck at the airport for long periods of time and possibly having to stay overnight. Luckily, I’ve never stayed overnight in the airport but I sure have come close to at times. I’d say always prepare like its going to be the worst case scenario when you fly.

If you’ve been traveling a lot you are aware of your first obstacle, going through security, and what you need to do. Personally, I put all of my liquids in my checked bag and have absolutely no liquids in my carry on or my backpack. Bring an empty water bottle if you don’t want to pay the high prices of water at the airport and fill it up at a water fountain. I make sure to not have bedazzling, or zippers on my pants or shirts because I always get patted down if I wear those clothes through security.

After you’ve made your way through, I personally like to go directly to the gate and check out all the food options around my gate area before I settle down. I get a water bottle because you are more likely to be dehydrated in an airport setting and this makes thinking harder, and doesn’t help out when you are stuck in the airplane. Survey your options for food and where you can relax to have something to look forward to if your plane gets delayed, or cancelled.

Snacks are a must and I have food I save away just for traveling. Ideas for easy travel snacks would be fruit snacks, cheese and crackers, chips, fiber bars, etc. Bring enough for you to snack on waiting for your flight, while your on it, or if you end up waiting five or six hours for your flight, which has happened to me many times. Make sure you have music as well just in case if when you get on the plane, you end up with a noisy passenger next to you or behind you. There have been only a couple of times where I’ve forgotten a music device and I have paid for it every time!

Reading material, whether it’s electronic or print, is a definite must as well as having your power cords if you are using electronic devices. There are charging stations for even the tiniest airports so take advantage of these and charge up in case something happens.

So, here’s the rundown for a little survival list. Bring a water bottle if you don’t want to be charged high prices at the airport for water and bring munchies for the same reason. Find your gate as soon as possible and dress and pack smartly so you don’t get held up at security and hold up your fellow passengers. Review your area for places to eat so you have something to look forward to if you are delayed. If you are at an unfamiliar airport check every sign for gates as you pass them so you know where to go if your gate changes. Drink as much water as you can because you will be dehydrated and this can lead to headaches, grumpiness, and dry skin as well.

Being optimistic is good and all, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst just in case!

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