You never have to come if I leave

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been moved now for a good amount of time, and so you would think I would get some family visits, especially from my mother. Instead, the first person from my family to visit me in my new place was actually my brother who stayed at our apartment for a couple of days. I had the most fun with my brother and I absolutely loved showing him around this new place I called ‘Home.’

My brother and I rarely, if ever, got to hang out on a trip together without my mother making the plans and leading, so it was pretty exciting for me. Yes, nothing can quite compare to the city I came from because, to me at least, the place was iconic. But, where I live is quite stunning and very unique in its own right so it is so nice to pick and choose my favorite places, and restaurants, to take my brother to.

Of course, my mother was calling every second of the day to hear our plans and to state her tons of ideas, yet I totally was the one in charge. I took my brother to my favorite place to eat where the food is not only delicious, it’s also cut up at your table! There was also an italian place I enjoy, and another like food truck we went to that I tried for the first time and it had some amazing food. We watched a very strange movie, and had a great time even though it was a very short vacation. I can’t wait until my brother comes back to visit because it was seriously one of my most favorite times we’ve spent together as siblings.

My mother keeps on pushing me to come back to visit, especially since I still don’t have job. I especially have mixed feelings about visiting because of the fact I don’t have a job and everyone from my work always asks me. I feel like I failed every time I have to admit that no one will hire me, or even interview me, and I’ve been trying for awhile to get a job. My mothers career is one where she only has to work for a couple of days out of the week for a lot of money so she could have easily of come to visit me, yet she won’t.

And why would she, when she can get me to come down consistently to visit? Her excuse is that she doesn’t want to travel alone, but every time I travel I have to travel alone. I have had several recent travel times where I have nearly had to sleep overnight at the airport. She has traveled all across the country by herself, yet she puts this as the obstacle. I don’t think she’ll ever come to my neck of the woods and I’m enjoying my independence in this new place.

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