The precursor to what people want

033It’s funny having an ‘exotic’ pet and gauging their reactions when you tell them you have a bunny. First, they think it’s a joke and start laughing and tell you how funny you are. Then, it kind of sets in that you aren’t laughing and have promptly gone to your phone to show off pictures of your pet like any pet owner might do. Yet, they don’t know how to react… Bunnies are supposed to be outside, can bite, and how could they ever supposed compare to owning a cat or a dog?

I had a horse before, but no one ever told me to work my way up to another animal. Having a horse was just as unusual, people tended to think that I kept her at my house or that I must have had a farm, both very untrue. So, I’m getting rather used to people’s remarks to my husbands and I with our first pet and people saying, “well, huh, that’s cute and a good starting point to getting a cat next, then a dog, and then maybe a baby!”

It’s not just our waiter we had who said this, I think both mine and my husbands mother are thinking the same thing, working up to having a baby. It’s like now that I am married that is the next line of conversation everyone seems to think is okay talking to me about, are you going to have a kid? I keep on getting asked it when I go back to my old work to visit and my mother has straight out said that this is good practice for baby making. And, I couldn’t be further away from any idea of having a child.

Though our little furry pet doesn’t help out with the bills she does help out with my sanity and taking care of makes me feel better about waiting for my husband to come home. With my last trip back home I’d normally stay longer, yet I couldn’t wait to get back to my bunny and my husband. Our unusual, exotic pet may be a precursor to many people, or a hilarious joke whenever I talk about her to people I don’t know. Personally, she has been just perfect for my lonely days at home.

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