What is it about this place?

There is quite a lot of elements that need to fall into place when you move to someplace new. This is even more true when that place you’ve moved to is completely different from what you’re used to and miles away from what you call home. I definitely think it is much easier to get into the swing of things when you have a job, a daily routine, to throw yourself into.

It works even better if this job is ready for you when you move and you can trick your mind into memorizing this new job in a new place. But, when you’re like me and finding it difficult to find jobs that aren’t listed as ‘No experience necessary body rub girls wanted’ or that straight out say you should be attractive that you are left to your own devices to get used to stuff.

Where I used to live was rather pretty and had a really awesome city you could visit. Visiting the major city here is nice but, of course, doesn’t compare. What I do find quite stunning is what happens near nighttime here.

Around dusk you are treated to the most breathtaking sunsets you’ve ever seen. I’ve seen Sunsets in the Florida keys, and all around the world, but every sunset I seem to catch has the most amazing colors and it is just beautiful. I feel so grateful to catch them and even recently made my husband pull off into a gas station so I could get some pictures of a gorgeous sunset.

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  1. beautiful post. Making a move like that is really brave of you. My boyfriend and I are living in different countries and will face a decision like that in about a year’s time. It’s lovely that you can appreciate beauty among all the confusion. I really hope you find a job soon.

    • Thank you Kate, it was one of those decisions that tore at your heart but you know it’s the best thing for your better half so you dive yourself into it. Im so sorry you will have to e making the same decision too, it is really difficult but it helps to be as positive as you can and to follow your heart even if your heart is for what is better for your partner. I hope I find a job too, I thought it would be so eat but I guess that’s why I get for thinking it would be easy peasy and I just keep on searching!

  2. I just need to be surrounded by food in a new area,

    • Me too! The food here is really good, though I do crave certain restaurants that I will only find back home but luckily those cravings aren’t too bad. 😉


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