That season where you fall slower

There is something about fall that makes me move slower, and appreciate the cooler weather and changing colors. Fall may just be my favorite season, though spring and fall may be tied together for favorites. I don’t know what is better, the flowers coming to life after winters slumber or the changing of the leaves on all the trees. Fall is also my signal to start buying gifts for Christmas since I always like to get a head start on that.

Yet, this season I’m not buying any gifts. I haven’t even gotten anything for my husband and completed a bunch of gifts of him for Christmas by now. It’s a combination of factors, we will be staying in for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. While we would be splitting holidays between my family and his, this year it seems like the family in our mix is ourselves.

With me not having a job, and my husband having a real hard job for traveling and vacations it just seems like we won’t be doing our yearly trip for the holidays. Honestly, it just feels really weird and strange. Combine this with the fact I won’t be getting gifts for my coworkers this year since I don’t have any coworkers, and my friends are miles away. So, the holidays for me and my husband will be quiet and I’m guessing just us and our baby bunny.

It’s kind of hard for me not to have a ton of gifts already bought and to know I’m not doing much for the holidays. I’m not exactly a big Christmas person but I always loved buying gifts for the people who mattered for me. My husband doesn’t seem to want anything for gifts so we will make the best of our holidays together.

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  1. Even though not the best reasons got you there, it sounds nice to have a slowed down Christmas. I love the holiday and the gift hunt, but sometimes it just seems like a money list and all the sentiment is lost. We had a Christmas a few years ago that gave us a blizzard. Everyone was snowed in and people stayed home on Christmas day. It was the best day with my family. Instead of opening and running to all the relatives in town. We got to stay home in jammies and relax. I hope you and your husband have a peaceful day!

    • Yeah, I agree, a slows down Christmas may just be a blessing in disguise. I spend a lot of money on gifts from my coworkers to my family and so it’ll be good to keep that money especially since job hunting hasnt been easy. I would loe for my holidays with my immediate family to be calm and just us chilling but my mom always is taking us around everywhere and I find the holidays are so much better when you can relax and take it easy! Thank you for your comment and we should have ourselves a nice little time, he just loves Christmas!


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