The sound of a gun shot

I have been lucky enough to have never heard a gun shot in my entire life. Of course, you can watch movies where there are car chases, shooting guns, and all that. All of my knowledge and experience of guns basically came from that: tv and movies. So, when my husband and I stepped into a shooting range I truly can say I was absolutely unprepared for my first time hearing a gun shot.

The sound is truly indescribable, but absolutely unforgettable. It basically cuts through your being like nothing else to experience that sound, and this is with the appropriate ear covering on. I heard it and immediately flinched violently.

It was like the sound shoots through you, and you are in such a tight space that it makes it even worse. Shells come flying at you out of nowhere, you visually see someone shooting but yet your body refuses to prepare for the sound. There is no preparing for the shots you hear or even guessing if the empty shells will hit you. I am someone who swam with sharks with pure joy, so I am not an easily rattled person.

My husband started first and I watched him and everyone else. And, my eyes continued to twitch even after I told myself to stop. When I stepped up to try it for myself, and took the gun in my hand, I had never felt something so foreign in my life.

Really, I knew guns were dangerous and deadly, it’s common sense. But, when I held that gun, and tried to shoot it, failed, ad finally shot my first bullet it never hit me so much in that moment how powerful they are. The kick back of the gun after it fires literally is there to remind you what you did and it hits back into you with a force. My hand hurt with just one shot, and with one shot I was done.

I was holding the gun wrong and I couldn’t figure out how to hold it correctly. I set it down after that one shot and said I was done. My husband asked if I was sure and I said definitely. It was a new thing for the both of us to try, he had never done it before, and neither had I. I don’t think I will ever look at movies with guns the same, because that noise can never be replicated like someone shooting inches away from you. The sound is something that I can’t forget and it is unlike anything I’ve heard in my entire life.

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