Can you lose your sanity job searching?

I think sometimes with how many jobs I filter through on job websites in a day, and how many I know they aren’t a fit, and how little to none I know I’m interested in makes me a little crazy. If it comes down to the nitty gritty and there are only shark massage places out there ready to feed on my blood and cash I will work at this health food place that everyone is super happy in. Plus, I freaking love their products and I’m like an addict of this store, and everyone who works there seems really happy. I will so drink that kool-aid.

This is my problem… at every job I’ve worked at I have been very happy there. From a dog groomer, to a massage therapist, I refuse to work at a place where I feel like I am losing myself or I’m just so unhappy there that I’d rather stab myself in the eye than work.

I love working, working actually makes me quite happy, which I know goes against all rules and reasons. I really enjoy working at a place that pushes me but also has employees who are fun and that I can rely on as a team. I know I want a team environment because it seems to be what I thrive on, having a great team has always been my go-to happy drug.

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