What to do when bullying is on the brains

As a little girl, mainly grade school and preschool, I was bullied, which I find just crazy. How does bullying happen, how does bullying snowball, and how is it that every person seems to go through it and it tends not to be so rare? I had the grade school girls in my class bully me, and I cried to the teacher about it and she certainly didn’t believe me. I’ve been called big girl, and a whole slew of names, so I started to get a really aggressive personality. I’d be ready for a fight, and ready to defend myself if it came.

When I was volunteering and working with children I made sure to try my best to make them feel comfortable and to discourage any kind of bullying. I noticed the shy kids when we were doing activities and would try to get the shy ones out of their shells.

I worked at a nature garden, a space camp, 4-H, a ton of different volunteer opportunities which had me working with younger children. You never know why a kid may be shy but when it came to me watching what I said it was because when I was younger I was made fun of for everything I said. That will discourage you from talking and interacting so I never tried to talk down to the kids I worked with. And with the shy kids I especially made sure to talk to them, encourage them to interact, even act goofy and get them to call me weird if that made them laugh and have fun.

I don’t have any tolerance for bullying whatsoever if it is with kids, adults, there is just no reason for it. Being bullied hard when I was younger just makes me fight against it that much harder if someone is being put through it. I know bullies must get something out of what they do, I’m guessing it has to do with control and putting someone down to make themselves feel better… but I will never understand it.

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