Touchy Feely Time

Being back home (and I did use the word ‘home’, it is feeling more like it) and having my husband back is a great feeling. The flight I had to get back was very unusual and they were having a system failure so there was a cattle call for people to get on the plane. This one lady looked back at me and said this was a new one which I was relieved she said that because I felt like it was extremely strange too. I got on the plane luckily and in a pretty good seat, but I was pretty much resolved that I would have to wait until the next flight out.

We threw my luggage in his car and then wrapped each other in this big, all-consuming, tight hug. I haven’t hugged much since I was back with family, and I also haven’t been really touched. You could say I’ve been deprived of touch, which is actually how I was raised in my family but now I’ve gotten used to my husband so that it isn’t the norm.

It was one of those hugs that you give when you haven’t seen someone in forever and you’re afraid that when you let go they might just leave again. We said nothing during that time but yet everything was said. I’ve missed you, I’m so happy you’re home, I’m so glad that I can hold you again like this, all the thoughts said through a mere embrace. This trip back to visit with my family has been different, like I said, because the absence of my husband was felt even stronger. This place me and my husband now live in, miles away from my family, is starting to stick to me a little more.

Yet, here we are reunited and then he’s traveling for work in a little bit for a few days. Now, I will be the one alone in our apartment waiting perpetually for him to come home yet logically I will know it’s not happening.

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