What to do with premature purchasing

I have a problem, though I do think that it isn’t too terrible of a problem to have. I like to buy things far in advance, and when it comes to birthdays and Christmas presents I can sometimes do it six months away from the holiday or event.

I especially seem to do this with my brother, because besides my husband, who is impossible to buy for, my brother is my favorite person to buy for. He also can be the most frustrating since that if he doesn’t like something he won’t hesitate to tell you straight to your face that you were dumb for getting it. I once got him this gift card for Christmas, I was very excited, asked him if he might be interested, and then 10 minutes after I bought it he asked for something else instead of what I got him.

Hmmm, well, no, you are out of luck and so am I. You can’t return gift cards and I was so furious that basically I gave some “uh huhs” and quickly hung up. He later apologized in his own way for what he did but I went from being super excited at finding a neat gift card idea to kicking myself in the butt for being so happy when he changed his mind after I had bought it.

This year I’ve really out done myself, except that I gave him all of his gifts way before Christmas and his birthday.

I couldn’t play the excuse of us being separated by miles with not getting him something, I don’t know if I will see my brother, or my family, or my husband’s family for Christmas so everything is up in the air. I want my brother to have his fabulous gifts and for once in my entire career of getting him stuff I didn’t get him one gift card. And you know what? He loved all of my gifts I gave him and it meant even more because what I got him took a lot of thought, time, and effort on my part. Also, it kind of helps when the gift isn’t just a piece of plastic but something tangible he can use or have for many years.

Now though Christmas and birthday shopping is done and the holiday season hasn’t even come around. While my brother’s gifts are completed, I don’t have a clue what to get my husband, or my mom, for Christmas. My mother is the most difficult person to buy stuff for because one second she will tell you she doesn’t want anything, and the next second she’s asking you why you didn’t get her anything more. While my husband is difficult since he buys everything he might want which means you can’t really get him that much.

I also don’t have my co-workers to buy Christmas gifts for and I’m not going to lie, that does make me sad. Buying my co-workers gifts for Christmas and making Christmas cards for the people I worked with was some of my favorite stuff to do for the season. Especially since I don’t like Christmas that much anyways because my family’s biggest fights, and tragedies, always seemed to happen around the holidays.

I think that my premature purchasing is helpful to avoid the holiday rush and to stay ahead of the game.

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  1. andshelaughs

     /  September 9, 2012

    I confess to being a premature purchaser as well….it leaves a lot more time for cookie baking and fun during the holidays!

    • Exactly! Gives you more time to do stuff and avoid the crazy xwords when you prematurely purchase. Thank you for sopping by and commenting!

  2. One year, I had Christmas shopping done in June. That was great. I’m not usually ready that early every year.


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