I might self destruct your baby

I went to visit a friend of mine with her baby, and as you guys who have read my blog probably know I am not a baby person. They look at me with this look that clearly says, “Ma, what the hell is she?” knowing that I am just as unsure about them. But, I do love my friend, bought her lots of baby gifts before I left, so I wanted to see her little man.

When I first walked in he was in his carrier and didn’t even look like he was alive. This is probably a compliment, because he was very quiet, tiny, and peaceful looking while he slept. He’s a cute baby, which I don’t say casually because I am not much of a baby person.

Now, funny enough as it is, my brother just had a baby come into his life via his best friend and his wife. My brother was very funny in asking me what to bring as an offering and I told him probably get the parents some food… That’s what I did. He ended up walking the aisles of a store with his friend where they both commented, “I never thought I would come to this point, where you would be walking down the baby aisle with me looking for baby stuff.” Of course, my brother had the experience of me as a baby, while I never grew up with anyone younger than me, I was always the baby.

My friend is a great mom and it seems like everything came naturally to her. Since coming back to visit I’ve gone by my work and one of the first questions people ask me there is if a baby is my next thought. Since I never even held my friends baby because it was nighttime and he was self destructing and crying, so… that’s a definite no thanks.

I don’t like people pushing having a baby on me, I know my husband is much older than me so we don’t have all the time in the world but I’ve seen what my friend goes through with her little man in her life. Though he is quite adorable, she has gone through much sacrifice and her whole life has changed. I am much more eager to hopefully get back into my career with a bunch of other employees who enjoy their work to. Somewhere that I can work at where I can grow but also have a lot of fun at my job.

I do think that being a mother is one of the most selfless, self-sacrificing, and both the hardest and most rewarding jobs out there. I look forward to meeting my friends little man hopefully again when I visit. And, I loved seeing a fellow friend of mine hold her baby and how happy she was doing it.

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  1. I have a friend who was anti baby. Well she got pregnant and now she is like mother of the year. Its different with everyone but once you have a kid … you are ruined. But the best type of ruined in the world. You welcome the ruin. You would do it over and over.

    • I do think that you are absolutely right that once you have a kid it is all over! And, that you welcome the ruin over and over and wouldn’t change a thing once it happens. I believe you, I’m sure I will be the exact same way if we become parents. 😉


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