Travel bug

Its amazing how quickly a trip flies by, and how you reach the end of it just as it seems to begin. I’ve always been a person who loves to travel, but I get a severe case of homesickness that can be almost debilitating. Over the years I’ve gotten much better and I don’t think it really affects me too much nowadays since I travel pretty consistently.

I think when I got back from Vegas I got some jet lag from the trip, it always happens when I fly back from Vegas. I know what you are thinking, “Thats called being hungover Sarah… You were in Vegas, duh.” No, I don’t tend to drink that much on my last day because I know I always feel like crap traveling back and I don’t want to tempt fate by doing something stupid before I travel. I once had 8 glasses of wine (or more) before traveling on a plane with a trip with my husband and I don’t really think that was a great flight.

There were two days after coming back that I felt like I had been run over by a steam roller. That’s what Vegas seems to do to me, it gets me so excited to go there and then I feel completely destroyed coming back to normal life.

I also see something different on this trip again, while my friends are my friends and of course I love them they will move on without me and life will adjust. I can try to keep in contact but the truth is I don’t even speak about 1% of what goes on with this move and how hard it is. I hardly even talked about my personal life when I hadn’t moved, so I know I need to throw myself out there and meet new people. I don’t like doing that but who does like putting their heart and their feelings out on the line?

Obviously this move is starting to solidify with me and I’m feeling for coming back to my husband even though I do love the city I’ve been brought up in. I’m more of a lone wolf and I always have been but life is so much richer and vibrant when you have people to care about.

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  1. Your opening statement is SO true!


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