It’s like a dating website for your job

I am in tune with the jobs being listed for massage therapists and I have my eyes open and on the look out. Besides this I have joined some job websites and put down what I’m looking for, where, so I can keep updated on what’s being posted. But, as I’ve scoured emails and cyber stalked many job listing sites I’m noticing a strange trend with the sites that I signed up to get job listings emailed to me. The emails reminded me a heck of a lot like a dating website. And I have been on three dating websites,,, and so I have a bit of experience with what they do.

Emails to me read “This job is interested in YOU” and I open it, every time, because I fall for them saying that the job might like me. Really, they checked out my information, and liked me? They are interested in maybe meeting me? And then I check it out and it’s a job for a dental hygienist.

Or, it is a listing for a physical therapist, and I’ve had one for even a nurse.

Hmmm, I’m thinking you thought I put down different traits then what I said. What gets even more strange is when they get my career right but it is nowhere near where I live… you know, like thousands of miles away. And I’m reminded of the dating websites, sending me potential mates in my email and me looking them up because they said we would totally be compatible. They say you should check them out, look at how many traits lined up! There was the personality quiz and you got a couple of questions answered the same and that is like love at first sight, right?

Well, for me a job is my second passion, so I want to be just as in love with it as I know I can be. I won’t settle and will keep on cyber stalking job listings to find a place where I can really shine, be myself, and push my boundaries to become even better at what I do.

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  1. twistedlola

     /  August 18, 2012

    Gotta love computer generation! Sending good vibes your way that the crap emails stop and the legit start! xoxo

    • Yeah, the computer generation either makes things easier or more complicated, I think it depends on the situation when you’re using it. Thank you for the good vibes!


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