Want a snuggle time movie? You chose wrong!

Me and the man tonight went out for a little date night action and this involved going to a new Italian place that I swear was maybe a Mexican place when I stepped in. The outside screamed super fancy, but the inside was kind of cozy and casual. And I say it hinted at Mexican because of the colors for some reason were just so bright, and vibrant, that I was a little thrown off when I opened up the menu. I was of course happy though because I am insanely addicted to pasta and absolutely love it.

I haven’t had pasta in so long it seems that I think I went into overdose once I started eating it and those first few bites were like heaven to start off. Then I kept on stealing my husband’s food (I do this… he’s used to this… no one stops me) and he had some amazing potato bites that I stole more because he wasn’t paying attention to his food and guarding it enough.

We then went to see Bourne Legacy and slipped into the theater a couple of minutes after the previews had started. You could see the couple behind us were snuggling, lovey dovey style behind us in their seats. Obviously this was movie date night, which looking at the lady behind me I was wondering if she was ready for this Bourne movie. I know I was, but this certainly wasn’t a romantic comedy and you of course have punching, hitting, killing, and all of that stuff.

Well, I will try not to give things away but it got to maybe part way through it and the movie got pretty violent(er). You could hear them talking in the back, “Oh, what does that mean? Ah! Awww! No! Oh no! AH!”  and all that and clearly were not happy with what was going on. The guy was consoling his girlfriend and they were not happy campers. A few minutes later, they clearly walk out of the movie not to return again, she had her purse on her shoulder and he was exiting with her. Me and the husband just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. The man loves his action flicks and I’ve seen Bourne before so I knew there would be chasing, running, and killing.

I don’t think this guy briefed his date on what was going to be happening. He certainly did not get brownie points for that movie selection for sure, and it was quieter in the movie theater after they left so that was bonus for us.

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  1. Normally, I love a great action film. Even for a romantic date night. But years ago,I had a boyfriend who wanted to go to Butterfly Effect. I repeatedly said I didn’t want to see the movie. So one evening, we are at the theater and I hear him say, “Two for Butterfly Effect”. Wait a minute? What happened to all the repeated warnings that I didn’t want to see it?

    It was worse than I thought. An emotional train wreck. It reached the scene w/ the dog and I saw where it was going. I left and sat outside the theater bay, wishing I had brought a book along. He eventually came out and wanted to know what was wrong. It is the ONLY movie I’ve ever walked out on.

    • I have walked out of multiple, multiple movies, and what me and my family would end up doing is walk out, then go into another movie theater, check out that movie, walk out on that if we didn’t like it, etc. There’s one time all the movies were so bad that we walked in and out of like 4 movies, went to the front desk, and got our money back!
      But, I certainly feel for you with not seeing a movie you don’t want, and being tricked to see it, that’s awful. 😦 He shouldn’t have done that and I’d of walked out too, And really, that is crazy he wanted to know what was wrong? I’d of smacked him with my purse! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


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