Those unlikely date options you wouldn’t pick

Now, I am not exactly an expert when it comes to dating, I started doing it when I was eighteen years old, but I am extremely picky. And, being extremely picky, I think that makes me an expert on my own dating protocols. I do have to admit, when I first started into the dating circuit at eighteen years old my first few dates certainly weren’t doing any art at all with what you’re supposed to do.

But, I wasn’t sure what to expect, plus, I really, really liked the guy. So, I did all the calling, he never called me once, I badgered him to wake up to answer my calls, I set up dates, all of that good stuff. First time around we went bowling, which for me is awesome as a first date. Why? Well, the guy I’m dating gets to have hit butt handed to him at one of my best hobbies and one I used to compete in and get tons of trophies. I was the top female bowler in all of my bowling leagues starting out into it as a young girl, into my late teens. I like to see how they react to losing against a girl and not just by a little bit.

I would also bring my bowling ball, shoes, and my bowling gloves. Was that a little bit dorky? Yes, of course it was, but did I end up beating them? Pretty much 90% of the time that was a definite yes and I just felt like my bowling bag was a weird sort of security blanket. A basic disclaimer that if you try something and I don’t want it, yes, I can hurt you with my 14 pound ball.

I also bring my golf clubs with me when I go golfing but that never became a date idea, probably because I’m less adept at golfing than I am bowling. Plus, I really get frustrated with golfing and have been known to hit the club on the ground after I’ve missed the ball like ten times. This frustration gets even worse in a real game, which my Dad is the only one to play 9 or 18 holes with me on the golf course. I’m super competitive and when I’ve sent five balls into the mouth of the mini-pond you know my face is turning red and I’m about to throw that club in the water too.

Or, if you  nearly hit someone with your golf ball you might as well get in your cart and flee the scene, because the almost victim may just come after you with his club.

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