For the love of the blog

It may sound strange for me to admit and say this but I have been blogging since I was in my teens and I used to make webpages for fun. And, there’s always been this great thing about it that I can’t seem to get away from and that always draws me back into doing it. When it came to this particular blog I loved coming across other writer’s written words and how you can make relationships with it. My fellow bloggers who have commented on my posts, followed me, and been there to support me have been part of the reason why the move is more manageable. I still talk, and connect, even though I’m miles from home.

I think that having a positive attitude is a great thing, but I also understand that life is real, it is raw, and it is unpredictable. I love my family but I’m aware of our differences, and when things have gone horribly wrong, or when they are out of line. I have less of those problems with my move and there’s hardly any fighting whatsoever, maybe a couple of disagreements, but nothing major.

I’m currently a hard worker caught up in unemployment, searching for jobs and keeping a positive outlook. Scouring blogs on here I see many people going through the same thing, the frustration, and waiting game of getting yourself employed again. I’ve taken up horses again which I’m not sure I would do if I was back ‘home.’ I also am loving fishing with my husband even though he threatens to eat the fish I just want to let them go. And, I generally win because you do not want to be eat fish from where we’re fishing.

I love this and appreciate my followers, even though I’m writing to figure things out, to vent, or just to let off some steam. I’m happy for my friendships I’ve gained and how interconnected blogging makes everything.


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  1. Hey we love you too!!!


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